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Maximize Your Tax Deductions Using The IRS’s “Two Business Location Rule”

If you’re like most Americans, your automobile is one of your biggest expenses. Gas, insurance, maintenance, and licensing all add up to a generous portion of the average person’s income, not to mention the actual cost of buying or leasing a vehicle.

The Benefits of Employing Your Children

How many times a week do you hear, “Mom, I need a new pair of shoes!” or “Dad, can I have money to go to a movie?” Not to mention the cost of school supplies, braces, and college tuition that haunt every parent. If you’re like the average parent, you probably spend several thousand dollars a year providing for all the needs and wants of your children. But unlike most Americans, if you are a home-based business owner, you can make those thousands work for you.

How to Audit-Proof Your Business

Police and auditors have one thing in common: they make even the most honest, law-abiding citizens nervous. After all, who hasn’t felt their heart jump at the sound of a police siren close behind them even if they are obeying all traffic rules? Generally, the same feeling comes over people when the topic of an IRS audit arises.