About Colin Duffy

Colin Duffy enjoys writing about CRM subjects and on demand CRM and ERP software vendors such as Salesboom ( http://www.salesboom.com )
Why SaaS CRM is Here to Stay

There is no denying the increasing business trend to harness the power of the Internet to not only get their message out, but to manage their customer responses.

Holistic CRM and Overall Business Performance

Born out of the high priced custom built CRM and ERP solutions of Oracle, Siebel and SAP, on demand CRM solutions built on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model are beginning to incorporate more than just customer relationship management.

How To Calculate CRM Total Cost Of Ownership

Although it may look and sound complicated, calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for on demand CRM is as simple as elementary subtraction.

How To Define Your Needs Before Buying CRM

Like many other business trends, the pressure to keep up with the latest technology developments and hold on to your competitive edge can often lead to rushed and poorly researched decisions.