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NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Wireless price wars aren’t good for companies such as Sprint PCS and Nextel. But the cutthroat environment suits one tech company just fine.

The Man Who Invented Video Games

Not many people can list starting a $10 billion industry among their accomplishments. Ralph Baer can.

Intel developing robot technology

In the future, it might not just be “Intel Inside” personal computers, but — if the company’s research efforts pay off — Intel inside robots, home furnishings and even inside the outdoors. Intel Corp. has opened small labs near four universities and is working with students and professors on research on a variety of technologies, including embedding its chips into increasingly smaller devices and substances.

Website Hackings rise as war rages in Iraq

As bombs continue to fall in Iraq, protesters and patriotic hackers alike have stepped up their war of words on the Internet, defacing hundreds of U.S. and U.K. corporate and government Web sites, a security expert said Friday.