About CIOL

Cyber India Online Limited (CIOL) http://www.ciol.com/ is India's first web site to focus on Information Technology. Set-up in 1996 and is headquartered in India's Silicon Capital - Bangalore, CIOL was established to create and deliver real opportunities over the Internet catering to the information needs of the entire IT community. CIOL - belongs to Cyber Media Group of Companies - a company whose business range spans magazine and newspaper publishing; multimedia publishing; production of TV programs; organising seminars and exhibitions; market research and consultancy, for close to two decades now. In a short period CIOL has defined new benchmarks in the industry by offering a comprehensive range of services. Today, CIOL surges ahead with over 4.1 million page views a month for the CIOL network. The enduring vision of leading the IT revolution can be seen and felt through the vast sections of the CIOL network.
Sun bets on wireless Java

65 million handsets all over the Java-enabled. Qualcomm’s BREW and Windows CE are lurking in the sidelines but Sun does not see them as big threats. A 100 million handsets will be Java enabled within a year, believes Sun.

Sun’s new developer hang-out

In a major effort to get together an estimated 6 million Java developers across the world, Sun Microsystems is calling for developers to form the Java community.