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Christopher Carfi, CEO and co-founder of Cerado, looks at sales, marketing, and the business experience from the customers point of view. He currently is focused on understanding how emerging social technologies such as blogs, wikis, and social networking are enabling the creation of new types of customer-driven communities. He is the author of the Social Customer Manifesto weblog, and has been occasionally told that he drives and snowboards just a little too quickly.
Bill Brantley Groks Haystack

Bill Brantley writes:

Cybersalon Wrapup

I left last night’s Berkeley Cybersalon scratching my head a bit. Is this conversation really still going on? Are we still having the “journalism vs. blogging” argument?

SXSW Coverage

A quick directory of the flurry of SXSW posts from over the weekend.

SXSW: The Five Most Important Startup Decisions


SXSW: Does Exclusivity Strengthen or Dilute?

(very different kind of liveblog vs. the previous session…the wisdom of crowds session was a monologue, this session was a group of about 70 people, and the conversation was truly that, and bounced around the room…trying to capture the salient points of a fast-moving discussion…)

SXSW: Wisdom Of Crowds

James Surowiecki, who wrote The Wisdom of Crowds, talked about the concepts in his book.

Microsoft Raises The Bar(n) For Hugh

Last Friday, I wrote about a different model of customer support.

“We Were Well-Paid, Latte-Drinking Vassals”

Versai’s Greg Olsen hits another one out of the park: Software’s Glorious Revolution.

Stay True

Seth, on three conversations he’s had this week with organizations that have been successful with viral marketing, and now want to turn it up a notch:

The Forrester ‘Social Computing’ Paradox

Charlene Li gives an overview of Forrester’s new “Social Computing” report. Key “tenets of social computing” outlined by Charlene:

Finding Community On The Radio Dial

Paul Adams (via Seth) wonders “why radio stations can’t ping you by sms or even phone when they play a song you request.

Web App Product Management Thoughts

As a recovering product manager, Jeremy’s post (drawn from this one by Tom Coates) on the “Future of Web Apps” rang true in many ways.

Paul McNamara Interviews…Paul McNamara

Network World’s Paul McNamara interviews Versai’s Paul McNamara.

Affinity Matters

The most credible source of information about a company is now “a person like me,” which has risen dramatically to surpass doctors and academic experts for the first time, according to the seventh annual Edelman Trust Barometer.

Blogging Power Law Dynamics

Great article on blogs and power law dynamics that showed up on my desk this morning, from New York magazine.

Yee-hah! Charter Street Launches!

For the second time in as many months, am thrilled to announce that a new business blog is on the scene; this time it’s the Charter Street blog (“a blog about entrepreneurship, the internet, and the state of the software industry”) from Cerado customer Versai Technology.

RSS In The Mainstream

The folks at LearField Creative take a swing at simplifying RSS, adding to the conversation started here. (They define it as a “personal media outlet.”) But I still think we’ve a ways to go before adoption is widespread based on that idea.

Is Nvidia Exploring the Dark Side of Viral Marketing?

Consumerist and BoingBoing are indicating that Nvidia may (note: speculation) be working with firm AEG to create faux online personnas to develop positive reputations in online communities to pitch Nvidia products.

NYTimes: RSS Is Like An Email Newsletter

A timely article in the travel section of today’s Times, entitled “There’s a Popular New Code for Deals: RSS,” (grab it before it rolls behind the registration wall) shows how travel company marketers are using RSS to supplement their existing email newsletter campaigns with RSS feeds.

Business Blogging At IBM

Julie Alterio at The Journal News has a decent article up on the scope of blogging initiatives within Big Blue and other organizations.

Live From The Gleacher Center

In the session at Ahead of the Curve

Thoughts For The Beginning Blogger

One of our clients is starting to charge full-force down the blogging path and asked for some feedback on the posts they were working on.

NYTimes: Thomas Hawk Gets Revenge Over PriceRitePhoto

Back in November, Thomas Hawk ordered a camera online from PriceRitePhoto. There were several “problems” with the order, according to PriceRitePhoto…most seemingly stemming from Thomas’s unwillingness to succumb to the pressure being put on him to buy extra memory, batteries, extended warranties, and the like.