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Christopher Carfi, CEO and co-founder of Cerado, looks at sales, marketing, and the business experience from the customers point of view. He currently is focused on understanding how emerging social technologies such as blogs, wikis, and social networking are enabling the creation of new types of customer-driven communities. He is the author of the Social Customer Manifesto weblog, and has been occasionally told that he drives and snowboards just a little too quickly.
Haystack Updates – May 17, 2006

Some news, hot off the presses on the Haystack front.

When The Customers ARE The Strategy

I attended the Business Marketing Association conference in San Jose, and had the chance to hear a great presentation by Justin Crotty, who is the VP of Channel Marketing for Ingram Micro, a $28 billion technology distributor (#72 on the Fortune 500 last year, for what it’s worth).

You Keep Using That Word…

I like words. I mean, I really like words. And yesterday, something happened that rarely occurs…the meaning of a word changed for me.

MeshForum 2006 – Anil Dash

Anil Dash from SixApart is speaking about blogs. First quote: “How many of you know what a blog is?”

MeshForum 2006 – Robert Scoble & Shel Israel

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel gave a little bit of background on their book Naked Conversations.

Marketers Out Of Touch With Customers

On the heels of the previous post, which has some saying “CRM is dead,” comes a very interesting article by Barney Beal.

Customer Managed Relationships

Seth writes: “It might be more than just semantics. Disney Destinations Marketing has a new department: Customer Managed Relationships. Here’s the quote from them that Tim shared with me, “CMR is our version of CRM – just a slight nuance regarding our philosophy that our guests invite us into their lives and ultimately manage our presence/relationship with them.”

New Typepad Anti-spam Features Come Online

My amigo del fuego John T. Unger has some good news for Typepad users.

Steve Case Keynote At LOHAS

Steve Case just finished his keynote at LOHAS. Here’s what he said. Good stuff, sensible guy.

LOHAS Leadership Summit

Incredible session. The two key thoughts.

Haystack Updates

A bunch of news on the Haystack front. In addition to moving to a new infrastructure provider, have put in a load of new capabilities.

Liveblogging LOHAS – Marketing

Am livelogging the LOHAS conference in Santa Monica over the next couple of days. (I’ll be doing the full writeups over at the Blue Marble blog.) First session was “LOHAS Marketing.”

Liveblogging LOHAS – Megatrends

Patricia Aburdene is the author of Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism.

BrainJams New Orleans

Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells, Grace Davis, and many others are trekking to New Orleans next week. Why?

It Also Means ‘Surely Deep-Fried Cutlet’

Seth points to an article about “how KitKat became number one.”

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now?

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to Fred Wilson’s description of the “Freemium” business model.

Facebook Gets $25MM In Funding

The hits just keep on coming. Facebook has landed an additional $25MM in funding, and Bambi Francisco is reporting that the pre-money valuation of Facebook was $525MM.

MySpace For The Office

Nice piece from BusinessWeek’s Steve Rosenbush today: MySpace For The Office.

No Soup For You!

A missive from the “sales follies” department. Joel Snyder, from NetworkWorld, was trying to help a consulting client of his choose an email security system.

No, Really. Put The Customer In Charge

Guy Kawasaki* cranks out a top-10 list on “The Art Of Customer Service.” My favorite of the lot:

That’s GooFi! Google / Earthlink Get Nod For SF WiFi.

The Chron and the Associated Press are reporting that San Francisco has chosen a joint bid by Google and Earthlink to blanket the city with wifi.

A Roundup Of The Tahoe / Apprentice Ad Flap

The writing has been fast-and-furious over the weekend, with opinions flying on whether Chevy royally screwed the pooch with their current ad campaign for the Chevy Tahoe, a tie-in (somehow) with the TV show The Apprentice.

Congrats To Coghead On Their First Round Funding

FINALLY can talk about this.

Lame, But Lame

In a post entitled “Lame, But Smart,” Nick Carr writes: