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Christopher Carfi, CEO and co-founder of Cerado, looks at sales, marketing, and the business experience from the customers point of view. He currently is focused on understanding how emerging social technologies such as blogs, wikis, and social networking are enabling the creation of new types of customer-driven communities. He is the author of the Social Customer Manifesto weblog, and has been occasionally told that he drives and snowboards just a little too quickly.
Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)

This post continues where this one, which gives a bit of background on VRM, leaves off.

Robo-selling Doesn’t Create A Customer Relationship

In a post earlier today, the usually-on-the-money Jim Berkowitz at the CRM Mastery blog had a post entitled “Turning Sales Into Science” that spotlighted a number of emerging technologies that are (according to Berkowtiz Inc.’s Alex Salkever) going to “launch your sales force into the future” and “turn a sales operation into a gleaming high-tech machine.”

Social Networking For Businesses

We’ve just made available a new Executive Briefing e-book that pragmatically introduces the idea of social networking for businesses and associations. Interested in introducing social networking to the exec staff at your organization? Included are answers to the common questions of:

The “Economics Of Abundance”

In a nutshell: Economics, economies and economic theory have all been based on economics of scarcity.

Marketing Borat

The three best paragraphs I’ve read today, from the Lefsetz Letter, regarding the marketing of the Borat movie:

The Forrester Consumer Forum

As noted in the earlier posts, have been at the Forrester Consumer Forum in Chicago for the last couple of days. Here are links to the posts:

Charlene Li Talks Social Computing

(Continuing notes from Forrester Consumer Forum. More here.)

Computer Setup Issues

Shel Holtz recently had some issues with his computer setup. Shel:

Facebook: A Great Way To Hobble A Brand

There’s been a ton of Facebook news recently, first with their “privacy trainwreck” (which was not really a “privacy” issue per se, but more of a perceived exposure issue, more here from danah and here from Doc), and most recently with the opening up of Facebook to all comers.

CRM: The Impending Sea Change

Bits, pieces. Bits, bytes. Things are afoot, all pointing to an increased ability for the customer to control his or her own destiny more effectively.

CRM Needs To Be Turned On Its Head

Doc writes:

Ways Businesses Can Use Social Networking
· 6

Here are the top ten (and two bonus) ways that businesses, associations and organizations can use social networking in the professional sphere.

How Do You Grow?
· 1

Been thinking about this one a lot recently. We all change and (hopefully!) evolve over time.

Long Tail Thoughts

Just finished Chris Anderson’s book The Long Tail, and had a few thoughts. The “Long Tail” concept, of course, is defined thusly:

BlogHer Aftershocks Rumble Through Blogosphere

The aftershocks of BlogHer rumble through the blogosphere…the confidence, the insights, the diversity, (and even the vitriol and invective), 700++ voices from the individuals who were there, as well as the multitudes who followed the conference online.

BlogHer and Conference Marketing

Back from two phenomenal days at BlogHer, and now starting to digest some of the things that I’d noticed over the weekend.

Hundreds of Women Bloggers Gather for BlogHer

BlogHer ’06 had 700+ attendees on Day 2. Daniel Terdiman writes:

Web 2.0 and The Letter “e”: The Interview

Ever wonder why Flickr, Frappr, Soonr, Zooomr and a host of other companies are spelled the way they are?

Blogging Reframed

A few weeks back, Dave Gray reframed the way I thought about the word create-ive. Now, Doc has reframed the way I think about blogging.

The Soylent Web

In his post, “The Next Web Is The Human Web,” Scoble writes:

Haystack – Social Network For ContentNext Mixer

We got a call last Tuesday. Nearly 500 people were showing up in New York for the ContentNext Mixer in seven days (that’s today, for those of you keeping score at home). And Rafat, Staci and the rest of the team needed a social network (that would be Haystack) to enable those attending to connect before, during and after the event.

Your Attention, Please

John Hagel led an interesting session on Attention. (This was at a much higher level the Steve Gillmor’s Attention conversations.) The pitch:

Social Currency

Just finished the first session at the Innovation Marketing Conference, which was a presentation by Russ Klein, the CMO of Burger King.

Conversation w/ Eric Mattson At MarketingMonger

Eric Mattson of MarketingMonger is on a mission to have 1,000 conversations with marketers, and to present them all as podcasts.