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Christoph Puetz is a successful entrepreneur and international book author. Examples of his search engine optimization work can be found at http://www.smallbusinessland.com and http://www.webhostingreport.net
Microsoft Patch Management For Home Users

With easy access to Broadband and DSL the number of people using the Internet has skyrocketed in recent years.

SEO And The Outsourcing Of Inbound Link Building

Search Engine Optimization nowadays has a lot to do with building inbound links to your website. Building inbound links is a cumbersome tasks and webmasters have always been looking for shortcuts to do this.

How To Verify And Monitor Your Search Engine Listing On Google.com?

Being listed in search engines and ranked high on searches is the overall goal a webmaster is trying to achieve when dealing with search engines.

How To Avoid The Google.com Duplicate Content Filter?
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More and more webmasters are building websites with publicly available content (data feeds, news feeds, articles).

Successful Pay Per Click Ad Copy

Writing outstanding ad copy for pay-per-click advertising campaigns is critical if a webmaster wants to be successful. Why waste money on clicks from people who aren’t going to buy what a webmaster has to sell? To be as targeted as possible descriptive titles and effective ad copy are needed. Since the webmaster is paying for each click it’s very important to have ad copy which conveys the right message to the right person.

Affiliate Marketing With Google Adwords
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One of the best kept secrets in today’s affiliate marketing world is the pay per click advertising version with Google AdWords.

Apache Webserver – A Quick Tutorial for New Admins

Apache is one of the most commonly used web servers out there. If you are running your own cPanel server your websites will actually run on Apache.