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iHotelier: Demonstrating the Potential of Flash for Web App Design

In terms of delivering content to all different types of platforms, developers have seen some real advantages with HTML. Before HTML, they faced major challenges creating applications when users had a variety of hardware, operating systems, and software platforms. We’ve gotten very used to the comforts of browser independence.

Create Content That Drives Action

UIE: In your book, “Content Critical” you describe the web as a medium for publishing content and recommend that designers view their site as a publication. Is the web-publishing model a change in mindset for most designers?

Design for Community: An Interview with Derek M. Powazek

Derek has worked on community features for Netscape, Nike, and Sony, along with creating the community sites, {fray}, Kvetch!, and SF Stories. Christine Perfetti, a consultant at User Interface Engineering, recently talked with Derek about his experience. Here is what he had to say about creating effective online communities:

Usability Testing Best Practices: An Interview with Rolf Molich

You may have never heard of Rolf Molich. Yet, if you’ve done any usability testing, design evaluations, or heuristic inspections, then you’ve been affected by his pioneering work.

The Truth About Download Time

We hear all the time from web designers that they spend countless hours and resources trying to speed up their web pages’ download time because they believe that people are turned off by slow-loading pages. Their concerns have been amplified by experts like Jakob Nielsen who asserts that users become frustrated after waiting too long for pages to load. It makes sense that a slow loading page is unusable. We know that if a page takes 2 hours to load, chances are people will abandon their tasks. But when does download time go from too slow to fast enough?