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Christine Parfitt is a search marketing strategist and the founder of Semfire, a search marketing company based in Australia. She specialises in paid search and shares news and best practices at Semfire Search Engine Marketing Blog.
Adwords Mistakes – Getting to the Root of the Problem
The numerous list posts you see on the most common mistakes made by adwords beginners don’t get to the root of the problem.

They focus on the use of adwords features like this:

Which adWords Topics Got the Most Attention in 2007?
Which adwords topics got the most attention in 2007? Here’s my top 5 list. What have I missed and what will be important in 2008?

Blogging, Payment, Incentives & Disclosure
Meg has opened up a discussion on the growing trend for bloggers in Australia to receive pitches from companies seeking to form relations with bloggers and use their blogs as a vehicle for product promotion.

Google Adwords Expanded Broad Match

Be careful when using broad match keywords in a Google adWords campaign.

Does AdWords Campaign Age Affect Traffic?

There’s sometimes a start-up period for a new adWords campaign when ads aren’t shown for all keyword matches and so the traffic is lower than it “should” be.

I covered it in this post on what to expect from a brand new PPC campaign.

Google AdWords Broad Keyword Matching

Google AdWords provides four keyword matching choices, “broad”, “phrase”, “exact” and “negative”.

Why to Bid on Your Own Name in a PPC Campaign
A question that comes up a lot is whether it’s cost effective having your company name and your brand names as keywords in a pay per click campaign. It can seem as though it isn’t necessary especially if your website ranks highly for these keywords in the natural search listings.

Keyword Optimisation or Compelling Copy in Blog Titles?
Brian Clark has some excellent ideas for writing effective titles in his blog copyblogger. He has recently re-written headlines submitted by his readers along with a rationale for the changes. It’s a good way of demonstrating what works.

Six Ways to Find Keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of a pay per click campaign so how do you go about identifying as many relevant words and phrases as possible? Here are some techniques:

A Wrap-Up of Search Summit

Search Summit was well worth the trip down to Sydney. The conference was at Luna Park and I also got the opportunity to stay with friends and go out to dinner. I lived in Sydney for 10 years and while I don’t regret moving away from the corporate world it’s good to experience the buzz of the big city once in a while.