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Chris Winfield is the President and Co-founder of 10e20. He has written for various organizations in the past and frequently speaks with the media.
Google’s Video Store Sends Shockwaves Through Multiple Industries

With Google’s planned launching of an online video service akin to iTunes or Napster in the music industry, several industries will feel the shockwaves.

Search Marketing for the U.S Hispanic Market

As the U.S. Hispanic population continues to grow and Hispanic online shopping increases, smart search marketers will find ways to incorporate that segment into their marketing plans.

Search Marketing: More than Just Search

Nowadays, with everyone and their grandmothers creating websites, it can be difficult for any one online business to gain attention.

Microsoft Goes Live

Earlier this week Microsoft Corp. chief officers, including Bill Gates, gathered in San Francisco to announce the company’s new “live services” platform, solidifying expectations that the company could be heading in a new direction to prevent Internet powerhouses such as Google, Inc. and Salesforce.com from infringing on its territory.

Microsoft Gets Serious

Microsoft unveiled its advertising platform in Singapore and France markets last Monday and MSN plans to offer a beta of the paid search service in the US in October.

Online Advertising a Threat to Print Advertising?

Outsell’s Market View report, released last week, revealed that B-to-B readers are spending 15 percent less on print news and trade journals than they did in 2001, possibly as a result of competition from online advertising sources such as Yahoo, Inc. and Google, Inc.

eBay, Not Going Down Without a Fight

eBay, Inc., known not only for revolutionizing the online auction industry but also the way people shop, has purchased Skype – a VoIP service and software provider – for about $ 4 billion.

Google Going Pay Per Call?

With the recent introduction of Google Talk – the search engine’s newest voice and instant messaging product – and talk of Google’s plan to purchase large quantities of dark fiber, some suspect that Google may be readying itself for an all-out venture into the newest online advertising trend, Pay-Per-Call.

Cost-Per-Action in the Near Future

To say that the search engine marketing industry is booming would be an understatement. And Pay-Per-Click (PPC), the method by which advertisers pay each time a searcher clicks on their sponsored link as a result of a search query using relevant terms, is a large part of that industry.

Google Helps Websites Get Crawled – for Free!

Known for its regular introduction of new products as much as for its regularly increasing stock prices, Google is continually evolving.

Google vs. PayPal: Is a Battle for the Title of ‘The Online Payment System’ Pending?

The Wall Street Journal broke the news on Friday that they had received information from sources “in the know” about Google, Inc.’s plans to create an online payment system -possibly named “Google Wallet”- to rival that of current online payment leader PayPal, a service of online auctioneer giant eBay, Inc.

Fresh is Best – Especially When it Comes to Web Content

By now it has probably been emphasized by practically anyone with insight into search engine optimization – myself included – that keyword-relevant content is extremely relevant in any search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

Many Private Businesses Not Reaping the Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

An impromptu study conducted on 10e20, LLC existing clients and prospects reveals that more than 70% of private businesses do not include search engine optimization (SEO) in their online marketing plans.