About Chris Spiek

Chris is Vice President of Awecomm Technologies and Managing Partner of the Awecomm Web Strategies division. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Information Systems from Central Michigan University, and been working in the web development industry for over eight years. In addition to managing AWS, Chris sits on the Marketing Committee of the Web Analytics Association as manager of the WebAnalyticsAssociation.org website.
World Usability Day

Yesterday at Michigan State University, a group of like-minded designers and developers gathered at World Usability Day 2007 to discuss how to make software and web applications better for users.

Web usability as a serious issue that is ignored more often that not, and results in the web being plagued with horribly designed sites and applications. There are too many bad websites and web applications out there, and more are being created every day, because of the lack of focus on usability.

Free (and Paid) Press Release Distribution Services
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I spend a fair amount of time talking with small and medium sized business owners about their web marketing. Often times these individuals aren’t ready to shoulder the costs associated with true goal-oriented web design, SEO, or PPC, so the conversation turns to, “what can I be doing in the meantime?”

Aside from blogging, posting on forums, and keeping their site content fresh, I always talk about online PR. Most of the time the people I’m conversing with have no idea that you can freely or cheaply distribute press releases online.

Networking: Never Eat Alone

How good are you at meeting people and forging deep meaningful relationships with them? At a networking function do you end up with a handful of business cards from people you don’t remember meeting, or one or two new friends that you’re excited to have?