About Chris Brown

2004 Chris Brown, president of Marketing Resources & Results, a full-service marketing firm located between Cleveland and Akron. They help businesses introduce new products and build brands by providing innovative, cost-effective marketing solutions. To find out more, visit http://www.resources-results.com/ .
The Niche of Doom Internet Marketing

When you first see yourself learning about earning an online income, or when you’ve made the decision to make money with internet marketing, it can seem impossible not to notice the articles and writings that go out of their way to warn you about the importance of avoiding the internet marketing niche.

Should I Be My Own Boss?

You may have been drawn in by a web site or perhaps it was a commercial on television that first got your thoughts focused on starting a home business. No matter what it was, when you realize that you can work from home and be your own boss, it is almost impossible to not feel excited.

Automate Your Repetitive Home Business Tasks

If you work from home then you know that your time is valuable. Creating ways to automate your home business can save valuable time or even provide you with more time to build your business. By pinpointing the things that take up the largest part of your time, you will be able to begin to find more efficient ways to complete your work.

Living a Relaxing and Profitable Lifestyle with the 80/20 Rule

In this article, you will learn some simple and effective ways to live a more relaxing and profitable home business lifestyle. Many of us started out with a picture of ourselves working less and ended up working just as much or even more than we ever imagined we would. Managing your time can become a major headache. Are you ready to see the shuffle drift away?