About Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson has over 18 years of sales, marketing and business management experience working with business process design, software and systems engineering. He is also co-author of policies and procedures manual products, producing the layout, process design and implementation to increase performance. He is currently the Managing Director of Bizmanualz, Inc.

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Discovery Procedures for Building Effective Management Systems

Imagine what a professional football team would be like without a regimen of practice drills? Now take away their playbook and player statistics. What you have in this extreme scenario are highly talented (and perhaps overpaid) individuals participating in organized chaos.

7 Secrets to Writing Inventory Procedures

With 1 Million would you:

5 Steps to Continuous Process Improvement

Part One of Creating Well-Defined Processes Series

How to Build a Business Ethics Program

Recent corporate financial scandals have highlighted the importance of business ethics and legal compliance. Yet a recent National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) survey of 280 corporate CEOs and directors found that “only one of three directors felt that they were highly effective in ensuring legal compliance”.

Are You ISO Auditor-Phobic?

Which is more painful: an audit or spending the holidays with Aunt Sally and her green Jell-O mold? Either way, your company audit still looms in your mind, but it shouldn’t be that scary – quite the opposite. Besides, even Sally “audits” herself when she makes her mold, as she tests for thickness and taste. She just wants to improve.

ISO 9001 Registration 8 Steps for Success

You’ve made the plans, built the quality system and conducted the audit. So how do you register your company as ISO 9001 conformant? And how can you be sure you’re getting the most value for your investment? Here’s how the process works.

How to Start Writing Policies and Procedures

Any old policy and procedure format saves time by not having to start from scratch, right? Well, not necessarily.

Auditing Improves Effective Planning

Speak of operations assessment, and we’ll hear its significant value. Speak of an audit, and we’ll run for the nearest emergency exit. There’s no difference between the two, yet that word audit chills us. But is an audit really designed to help us or hurt us?

Policies and Procedures Used as Management Key

Managers know the difficulty of getting people to do the right things the right way. And employees need their expertise and understanding of the way things should be done. But how do you get it across so it actually sticks?

ISO 9001 Compliant Program : Steps to Build

Implementing an ISO 9001 system represents a major effort. However, all of that effort can represent a significant shift for a business – from quantity to quality. And this could make sure your business gets the desired results.

How You Can Learn to be a Better Manager

When you first take over a department, expectations are usually high but operations are sometimes in disarray. The staff is disorganized, goals aren’t being met, and hours are spent on unproductive tasks. Just when you think the company would never get on track, the CFO recommends that you learn more about something called operations assessment.

How to Meet Quality Standards with ISO 9001

In today’s hectic business environment, it is vital that we are all on the same page, right? But how do we know if we meet those standards?

How to Improve Your Management Procedures Usability

Are your people consistently following your procedures? Each year, organizations lose thousands of dollars through common mistakes and lapses in usability. But what does that mean for business owners and executives?

How to Get Money Back for Your Process and Procedures Investments

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of your money back that you have invested in developing policies, procedures and processes for your organization? Well, you can with the recently restored tax credit.

Is Your Company Growing Fast Enough for You?

Are you frustrated by the lack of growth in your firm, or the effort required to squeeze any up-tick in performance? Are inadequate policies and procedures a root cause? To find out, take this simple self assessment to see if this may be inhibiting real growth at your company.

Do You Make These Ten Management Mistakes?

As a busy executive, you face some extremely difficult challenges like creating and dominating new markets or finding and keeping the best people. But then, like many executives, do you find yourself spending too much time solving everyday problems (that only you can solve, right?), which prevent you from growing your ideal business?