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How to Get the Right Clients and Avoid the Wrong Ones

If you are like most service professionals and small business owners one of your primary concerns is generating as many leads as possible.

Getting Off the Advertising and Sales Rollercoaster

Seeing the results of advertising your business can be like watching a roller coaster.

Where to Focus Your Marketing: New Prospects or Existing Clients

Imagine that you ran an ad, mailed a brochure, or sent an email ad to a new list of people who fit your target market profile and everyone who saw it responded right away and made a purchase.

Are You Marketing Backwards?

Marketing is like rowing a boat. When you know how the pointed bow moves smoothly forward through the water encountering the least amount of resistance. Rowing backwards, the square stern of the boat pushes against the water, requiring more effort and increases the risk of having a wave come over the transom (back) and swamping it. Yet most people market backwards, trying to grow their business while pushing against the greatest level of resistance.

Are Your Emails Getting Through?

If sending email to a mailing list is part of your markting or business building strategy, you want to make sure your messages are reaching your audience. Are your readers getting your emails?

Creating Marketing Fireworks

If you live in a small town like mine on the Connecticut coast, you will spend Sunday evening watching fireworks, along with everyone else in town. Why is it that people love fireworks?

Positioning Your Business for Success

As the plane lifts off, imagine yourself reclining comfortably in your first class seat. You’re headed for San Francisco where you’ll be met by a driver and whisked to a luxury hotel with views of the bay. The tab is being picked up by a company looking to buy your firm, and your biggest concern is how much cash and stock to ask for when you meet with the president of the company and the senior officers. Sound like a fantasy?

Building Profitable Relationships with Your Web Site

Wouldn’t you like to use your web site to convert more prospects to paying clients? Imagine your prospect, Tom is online looking for a particular product or service. He has found your web site either through a search engine or a link from an ad. Tom clicks through your web pages. Your product or service meets his needs perfectly, but he clicks away. What can you do to turn more site visitors like Tom into customers?

Transforming Objections Into Selling Points

You’ve been working with a prospect, moving closer and closer to a sale. Just before you clinch the deal, they decide to go with a competitor’s product or service. They may say that your firm is too small, or you charge too much or they decided to work with a friend in the business after all, or all of the above. How do you keep this from happening again?

How to Avoid the Marketing Blues With Yours Offers

“Here’s a little tip I would like to relate Big fish bites if ya got good bait.”

Secrets of Building and Maintaining Marketing Momentum

Some people seem to steadily increase their income while others just make enough to pay the bills. What’s the difference between the people who make millions and the people who struggle all their lives to get ahead?

Overcoming Objections to Price

How much more could you earn if your prospects didn’t object to your prices? You’d close more sales and be more successful.

Building Web Pages That Move People To Buy

The purpose of your marketing is to attract prospects and help them make a series of decisions that lead them to purchase your products or services. The sequence of information you provide on your web site and its visual presentation can drive clients to contact you about your services or buy your products – or it can send them away.

Is Your Marketing Strategy Killing Your Profits?

With the wrong marketing strategy you could be killing your profits and limiting your business. Your marketing strategy is like the driver in a car, with marketing tactics being the engine. If you know where you want to go and how to get there, your marketing tactics will help you attract many more clients, if not you could crash.

How to Grab Attention with Your Headlines

You’ve got just a few seconds to grab your prospects’ attention, spark their interest and motivate them to keep reading whether they’re looking at your web site, your letter or your brochure. Headlines are the first thing your prospects read. Four out of five people determine whether they keep reading to learn about your products and services on the basis of your headline.

How to Avoid the Marketing Blues With Your Offers

To attract more prospects and clients, you need what Taj Mahal calls “good bait” in his song the Fishin Blues. One of the biggest mistakes you can make, as a small business owner, is forgetting to use good bait in the form of your offers. Whether you use direct mail, a web site or media advertising to market your business, the success of your marketing depends on whether you provide prospects with compelling offers.

8 Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Advertising can be one of the fastest ways to market and grow your business or it can be one of the quickest ways to go out of business. With the right ad you can attract clients to your business and increase your profits. With the wrong ad you can spend your way into bankruptcy.

Explaining What You Do in 15 Seconds

You’re in the elevator and your friend John introduces you to Barbara who is the CEO of one of the companies you’d like to do business with. Barbara asks, “What do you do?”

Are You Marketing to Your Potential

Many small business owners struggle to grow their businesses only to find themselves stuck in a morass of marketing, management and delivery tasks. As your business becomes more complex and time consuming, the original vision of the business usually changes or gets lost, and it can become increasingly difficult to define and implement a marketing strategy that helps you achieve your business potential.

7 Steps to Web Sites That Sell

Your web site is like a fight of stairs into your business. Once you’ve got prospects to your home page – your online front door – you want to move them to action. If you miss a step or two, prospects will fall and won’t make it in the door to your business. If you put the last step first and your first step last, prospects won’t find the steps you want them to take.

Is Your Marketing Message Holding You Back?

Your marketing message is like a key. If you’ve got the right one, it will help you unlock doors to new business and start the process of converting them to clients. If you’ve got one that is the wrong size or poorly crafted you’ll be locked out in the cold, wondering why your business isn’t growing faster.

Using Your Web Site to Grow Your Business

A snowplow operator in a New Jersey suburb was hailed by a woman asking him to plow her driveway so she could get out. Wading through less than a foot of fluffy snow to her SUV, he asked her why she didn’t put it into four wheel drive and simply back out. Her puzzled answer was, “Four wheel drive, what’s that?”

What is Your Marketing Really Costing You?

Small business owners are justifiably concerned about the expense of marketing their business. Many look at marketing as a line item in their budgets, and minimize marketing expenses in order to maximize profits. But to grow your business and be more profitable, you need to evaluate the costs of marketing from a broader perspective.

How to Generate Leads and Grow your Business

If you are an independent professional or small business owner, building the list of prospects you market to should be one of your core marketing activities. The more people who are interested in your products and services, the better your chances of growing your sales.