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Charlie is a videographer, web developer and occasional correspondent for the WebProNews Video Blog.
Adobe’s Apollo to Ease Desktop Development?

In early 2005, when Adobe announced an agreement to acquire Macromedia, creative professionals released a collective gasp. Many worried about a creative software monopoly, others pondered the fate of competing applications (GoLive versus Dreamweaver, Freehand versus Illustrator, etc), and some dreamed of what offspring may come of this union.

Make Flash Video Work For You

Back in ancient times (circa 2002), we all dreamed of web TV. No, not that stupid Microsoft set top box… but the capacity for “real” video on the web. We pined for low bandwidth, glossy video “goodness” delivered, on-demand, right …

Embedding & Controlling Flash Video With Actionscript
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Of late, there’s no questioning the ubiquity of flash video on the web: Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc..