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Charles Betz is a Senior Enterprise Architect, and chief architect for IT Service Management strategy for a US-based Fortune 50 enterprise. He is author of the forthcoming Architecture and Patterns for IT Service Management, Resource Planning, and Governance: Making Shoes for the Cobbler's Children (Morgan Kaufman/Elsevier, 2006, ISBN 0123705932). He is the sole author of the popular www.erp4it.com weblog.
Service Modeling Language Submitted to W3C

Service Modeling Language has been submitted to the W3C.

2 Faces of Demand Management

As I continue my journey through the terminology difficulties of modern IT management, one issue that keeps coming up (as recently as this week’s IQPC IT Governance conference, where I spoke) is the question:

An appropriate S, G & A for “IT as a business”?

Your CMDB budget depends on it…

Thoughts on ITIL

Interesting, skeptical take on ITIL, by a person (Noel Bruton) with some apparent long term presence in the industry.

The Highest Priority in Enterprise IT

What is the highest priority in enterprise IT?

Value Chain Approach to IT

One of the major sections in my book is the development of a unified process framework.

A Simplified ERP for IT Architecture
· 1

Here is a simplified IT systems model.

Element VS. Enterprise Configuration Management

The term “configuration management” continues to be a badly overloaded phrase, with almost as many meanings as “service.” One distinction I am making recently is between:

Configuration Management – Is it a Process?

Actually, I don’t agree that Configuration Management on its own is a process in a strict BPM sense.