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Databases How We Love to Hate Them!

You’ve finally created databases that you can actually use to store and manipulate all your critical data. That’s great news and quite an accomplishment. But in your rush to get your employees to start entering information into these databases, you skipped the training process and let them go at it alone.

How To Create A Winning Business Plan
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Here’s a simple but effective way to quickly and easily develop a complete business plan.

A Simple Solution For Capturing High Quality Computer Screen Images For Use In Print And Web Pages

Easily capture computer screen images for use in books and web pages.

How to Choose a Web Host for Your Business Website

It is important to choose a reliable efficient and effective web host for your web business. You need to make sure that your web host offers all the features that you would require for your business web site.
Following is an overview of some of the most common requirements:

Ten Steps to Choosing Software For Your Small or Homebased Business

When you are buying software for your small business or your home office, you won’t have a staff of IT professionals guiding your purchasing decisions. The decisions are all yours, but that doesn’t mean you should feel intimidated or nervous about getting the software your work requires. The following tips will help you pick the right software for your business needs.

Defragmenting Your Hard Drive: The Easiest Problem You’ll Ever Solve

Have you ever noticed how your computer seems to run slower and slower each week? Did you think it was just your imagination? Think again.

How to Choose a Third Party Payment Processor for Your Business Website

If you are trying to sell a product or service on your business website, you would need a way of accepting payments on it. The most popular mode of payment on the web is credit cards. Credit cards can be accepted in two ways on a website. You can have your own merchant account, or you can use a third party payment processor.

Do You Really Need To Buy More Software?

It has been estimated that most people only use about 10% of the features included in any given software program. That’s quite a shame not to mention a tremendous waste of both time and money. The good news is there is a “cure” for this software ailment.

How to Design a Professional Website for Your Business

If you intend to create a business website, you should keep the requirements of your website visitors in mind. This is to ensure that your website visitors enjoy visiting your website and stay longer. The longer they stay, the higher the chances that they would buy something or perform some other desirable activity.

How to Write Effective Web Content for Your Business Website
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The text of your website can make or break your web business. While design is an important feature of any website, no sale can ever be made if the website contains no words, or worse, words which do not inspire action from the website visitor.

Here’s A Quick Way To Find And Remove Spyware And Adware From Your Computer

You are probably familiar with the threat of computer viruses but did you know there’s actually a much more common danger that may already have infected your system? It’s called Spyware, and it has actually surpassed viruses as the #1 threat facing your computer today.

Theyre Searching So Why Arent They Buying?

There seems to be a common myth regarding site visitors and the buying process these days. I’ve heard this statement more than a few times over the last several months: “My visitors find me when they use search engines. They type in the exact keyphrases I’m listed under. So when they get to my site why aren’t they buying?” The simple answer is that they aren’t ready to buy yet.

Document Templates Give You The Perfect Framework For Your Documents

When it comes to running an office, the SOHO entrepreneur has enough on his or her plate as it is. So if you find yourself in the unenviable position of regularly having to set aside your core competencies to handle tedious, repetitive administrative duties such as creating your business documents from scratch, then you need to consider the potential benefits offered by document templates.

The Must Have Software Your Business Needs To Maximize Your Productivity And Efficiency

Whether you run a small business or a home office, there are six broad categories of software you need to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Investing in Accounting Software: A Smart Business Resolution

With the start of a new year, most of us make some resolutions about how we want to improve our businesses or ourselves. Maybe we want to cut our overhead so we can take home more profit. Maybe we want to make next year’s tax season less of a stressful burden than this year’s. Maybe we just want to streamline our responsibilities so that we have more time to enjoy our success and to work on building it even higher. The way to make any of those resolutions happen for you is to start using accounting software in your small or home-based business.

Does Your Business Need CRM Software?

When you started out in business, keeping track of customers, orders, and leads may not have been that difficult. After all, most companies do start out slowly. However, it won’t take long for you and your staff to become overwhelmed by the challenge of keeping all your clients happy while also following up on hot leads and managing enormous amounts of customer data. You don’t need to hire more people or stagnate your business’s growth to solve the problem. The solution is to invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.