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Number 1 Challenge to Going Solo with a Business

For many mid-career professionals, a Second (or third or fourth) Career turns out to be a business. If your industry disappears, you’re leaving a high-profile job, or you’ve risen through the ranks, self-employment can be your most realistic option.

Five Essential Questions to Answer Before Creating Your Next Website

Right after the thought, “I need a website,” people usually say, “I need a web designer!” Actually, before even whispering “web design,” you need to answer these five questions in as much detail as possible. Once you’re clear on your strategy, you can provide better information to your web designer. And most likely you’ll be pleased with your new home on the web.

“Get Set” to Interview for Information

Interviewing for information presents one of the greatest challenges to job seekers — yet it’s still the Number One way most people change careers. When you network this way, you aren’t asking for a job — just learning more about the culture, skills and informal rules of a new career. Here are seven tips to GET SET for your networking challenge.

The Five Most Common Resume Myths

Myth #1: Your resume will get you the job.

Ten Steps to a Job-Winning Interview

These days, interviews don’t come easily. When you get The Call, make the most of your time — and go for it!

Are You Ready to Start a Business?

Thinking about starting a business? Ask these questions before you take the plunge.

(1) Do you offer a clear, unambiguous benefit that your target market can’t live without?. Ideally you can learn whether demand exists for your service. Otherwise, don’t dive in. Dip a toe into the water to see if it’s warm.

Anger means,

Anger can be an intuitive signal. In her Advanced Energy Anatomy tapes, Carolyn Myss says that anger can be a sign of claiming your power. I agree.

‘Did you turn it on?’ The mystery of the missing subscribers

Once upon a time, I bought a toaster oven at a large discount store. When I tried to bake a potato, I turned the temperature dial to 350 F. Nothing happened.

Can You Make a Perfect Transition Decision?

Some folks believe there are no bad decisions. . If you turn left instead of right, you think you’ve made a mistake — till you realize this detour is actually a shortcut to the destination of your dreams.

Going solo? Avoid getting coached for disaster

Strong, independent people tend to have little experience in getting help, so they often end up with the coach from hell. They grab the first resource that comes along and follow instructions brilliantly. Too late, they realize they’re following a lost leader.

Looking for jobs in all the wrong places…

Q. What’s wrong with my job search? After identifying a potential employer, I get contact information, do my research and send out my resume and cover letter, requesting an interview for an entry level or human resource position. I am listed with recruiters and staffing agencies and call them every week. I attend local networking events but end up meeting people who are also unsuccessful job-seekers. And I search the Internet bulletin boards, sending my resume and following up a few days later. Help!!!

The best-kept lowest-cost promotion secret

How can you gain credibility and exposure for you and your business, reach a motivated audience, develop a far-flung network, hone your presentation skills — and get paid to do it? Many writers, artists, speakers and entrepreneurs have found an answer: they teach classes in adult education programs.

The serendipitous career move

I’m always fascinated when people tell me about a career change that — sometimes literally — falls into their laps.

No market? Find a new dream!

Griselda was getting increasingly frustrated with her new business. She had put together an expensive website. She diligently completed a series of exercises like, “My Ideal Client,” and, “Why I Am Wonderful.”

New Job Build a Strong Foundation

Jennifer’s free lance gig was winding down when her old friend Nadine called. Nadine’s business needed some expertise that just happened to be Jennifer’s strength. Nadine hired Jennifer as a temporary manager on a six-month contract.

Intuition: Your 21st Century Career Strategy

In the first two-thirds of the twentieth century, you could plan a career and hope for security. People were advised, “If you choose Profession X, or learn Skill Y, you’ll always have a job.”

Seven reasons you’re too tired to move

We’ve all had moments when we feel we’re just to tired to work on that article or resume or special report. And sometimes a client feels too tired to call a coach or consultant.

They’re customers — not friends!

Like many net junkies, I tend to sign up in haste and unsubscribe at leisure. Most sites make it easy except for an ezine I’ll call “Hal’s World.”

Ten big tips for moving to a small town

Considering a big move to a small town? Here’s what I learned from my own experience.

Thinking about starting a business? Ask these questions before you take the plunge.

(1) Do you offer a clear, unambiguous benefit that your target market can’t live without?. Ideally you can learn whether demand exists for your service. Otherwise, don’t dive in. Dip a toe into the water to see if it’s warm.

Matchmaking, Business Style

When you hire a plumber to fix your sink, you can get referrals from the family next door. After all, your sink probably works on the same principles as your neighbor’s.

Friend + Career Advice = Danger

Q. My friend really hates her job. She’s a terrific writer who writes our community newsletter. How can I encourage her to embark on a writing career, using her talents to make money? Signed: Concerned

The Career Changer Who Loved Too Many

Dear Cathy: I want to find a career that will use my many talents and enthusiasms. I’ve taught in adult education programs, directed fund-raising for a nonprofit group, served as a radio talk show host, supervised health care aides, trained as a social worker and directed a children’s summer camp. I love to motivate people who want to learn but I get frustrated by structure and the need to give grades. I am both organized and creative.

Give Your Questions A Week’s Vacation!

Dear Cathy: I am really ready for a new career, new residence and a new life. But I can’t decide what to do! Some days I think I’d like to take a year off and do nothing. Other days I want to go back to school for a degree in forestry. Sometimes I want to start my own business as a management consultant or a dog trainer. My mind keeps going in circles. How do I decide what to do next? Signed: Exhausted