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Cathy Bryant has been marketing online since the last century, so she knows what works and what doesn't. Right now she's offering a terrific 5-part mini-course titled, "Promoting Your Business Without Busting Your Budget!" You may access a copy by sending a blank email to: mailto:promoting@hbj.par32.com
The Joy of a Small Opt-In List

The year 2003 is coming to a close. The new year will bring with it many changes for those of us who do business on the internet. Because 2003 has seen a tremendous change in the way we market, newsletter publishing has taken on new and often frustrating challenges.

7 Leadership Strategies to Help you Handle Change

Change before you have to. The external world always demands change and improvement. Beat the market. Create internal mechanisms that force you to make changes long before you have to.

– Kathleen O’Connor

An Online Marketer Meets A Normal Person

Often I get the feeling that normal people (you know, the ones that don’t spend hours on end lurking behind their computer screens) think those of us who earn our living online are just, well…different.

Is Working At Home Possible For ME?

This question, in all its many forms, has continued to be one that I am asked most often. As more and more “work at home” sites appear online, it’s apparent to me that there are many who would, at the very least, mislead those who are desperate to locate jobs that will allow them to work from home.

SOHO Help!

As an operator of a home-based business website, I often get mail that reads something like this:

Boy, Do I Get Mail!

As an operator of a home-based business website, I often get mail that reads something like this:

Is Going Offline The Answer?

As email marketing becomes more and more difficult, many online publishers are using alternative methods to market their products and promote their websites.

The Power of FEAR

Why is it that so many people SAY they want to operate their own business, but then fail to take any action when required to do so?

Internet Nostalgia – Remember “This Dumb Little Ad?”

Watch out – if you do, you’re showing your “Internet Age!” I am, of course, referring to the now infamous “Cookie Cutter” marketing program which was all over the internet when I first began exploring the online business world (circa mid-1999).

What Our CAT Taught Me About Marketing!

Toby is one of our two family pets (both cats). He is quite astute, and he has learned one of the most basic tenets of selling – stick with what works!

OK People – Let’s Get Real!

It’s all about numbers – or so some ezine publishers would have you believe.

Are YOUR Toes Bruised?

What a question! What’s THAT supposed to mean?

6 Tips on Overcoming the Obstacles to an Online Business

On the Internet, it’s ‘easy come, easy go’.

Opportunities are everywhere you care to look online. Tempting promises of easy riches and instant millionaires stare us in the face. People fall for the hype, discover that it’s much more work than they’d thought, and dump the ‘business’.

Women of the Net

Several months back I read a statistic that revealed that women over 50 were one of the fastest growing groups of internet users. That didn’t surprise me.

Capitalizing on “Teachable Moments”

This is a lesson about spam. The good kind. The kind that can earn you a valuable customer and friend.

Just HOW Important is my E-Zine?

“Do I really need to publish a newsletter or ezine in order to be successful online?” “How difficult is it to begin one?” “Do I have to be a writer to do my own newsletter?” These are questions I get asked all the time by those who are exploring the possibility of starting their own online newsletter or ezine.

Just How Bruised Are YOUR Toes?

What a question! What’s THAT supposed to mean?

What’s It Gonna Take?

Operating a home-based business is challenging; anyone who is doing it, or has attempted to do it in the past, knows that this is an understatement! Nothing worth doing comes without hard work and a personal commitment to succeed. If you believe that you can achieve success in your home-based business overnight with minimal effort (and there are those who will try to tell you that their “opportunity” can do just that) then you are setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.