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35 Quick Tips for Writing A Press Release


1. 1-2 pages in length.

10 Easy-to-Learn Tips On Handling Interruptions

Imagine this, a co-worker enters your office and says: “Cathy, could I talk with you for a minute? I’m having a real problem with….” You glance at your watch and think of the report that’s due in an hour. What do you do?

19 Ways To Attract Higher Paying Clients

Some people have little difficulty attracting and maintaining clients who have higher discretionary funds to spend for solutions. Others can’t get to first base. If you are one of those and want clients that can pay more and you currently aren’t attracting them, here is a list of 10 barriers that might be interfering.

Web Writing: Create Writing Flow With Four Uncommon Connectors

Connectors — conjunctions, punctuation, and transitional phrases — allow readers to process information promptly by creating balance and relationships between sentence parts. The connectors are performing the same work as verbs, objects, modifiers and multiple subjects.

Professional Organizations: Join or Fold?

All of us join professional organizations for a reason–a friend belongs, we need to for credibility, etc. Many times we let years slide by and we don’t stop and review those reasons. Unless something sets off a boundary–lack of funds, the organization runs itself into a ditch, or a leadership problem.

10 Expressions to Avoid in Sales Communication

Keeping up with what words are in and out isn’t hard. Yet, with all the other more important things on our to-do list, it doesn’t get remembered easily.

One-Two-Three Punch Marketing

Printed material is just as important today as it was before the Internet. With sp*am getting out of hand, it’s a wise choice to rev up, update or create printed material, ads, catalogs, direct mail, press releases, letters, templates and the like.

Teleconfererencing: 15 Ways to Promote Yours

Teleconferences, also known as teleclasses or teleseminars depending on the presentation format, are the second hottest marketing delivery technique for 2004. This delivery format satisfies the yearn to learn and opens an exchange to unbelievable global portions. Previously called distance learning, this format actually began in the mid-1990s through higher learning institutions. Now, without leaving your office or easy chair, you can put on a headset, lean back and learn. No parking challenges, gas usage, or travel time required.

Marketing Strategy for Ecourses: Three Fast and Simple Ways to Find a Topic and Market

One of the fastest ways to attract more subscribers for your mailing list is to collect names by giving away ecourses.

Creative, Inexpensive, and BIG Value Marketing Gift Ideas

“Tis the season to be jolly!” A great attitude is easy to have when you design your gifts with a lot of thought and don’t allow the experience take you to the cleaners.

Get Information First Before Sending Them to the Affiliate

Honestly, I’m not a big affiliate fan because in the past I haven’t gotten 90% of the money promised either because they disappear before they pay out or they have so many exceptions — paying out once a quarter, has to be over X dollars first, etc. Another negative side is that some of them think that 10% commission or some low amount is worth the 20 hours it takes for us to sell it. Usually the 10% equal $10 and $10 isn’t worth my reputation even $1000 actually.

Knock, knock. Whos There? Your Target Market, Are You Listening?

Have you ever had a conversation with a person who wasn’t listening to anything you said?

3 Fast Ways to Escalate Your Sales

1. Sell an inexpensive product to sell an expensive product. If people like your inexpensive product, they will be persuaded to buy your expensive one.

The Dare-to-be-Different in Marketing Checklist

There is a big payoff in being different. When you accept “what is” you place yourself in the category of “sameness,” and people don’t buy sameness. Why should they? They can do sameness themselves. If your prospects aren’t seeing the value you offer, you may be coming across as the same and not daring to be different.

10 Secrets for Getting FREE Advertising

The opportunities for getting free advertising for your product or services are only limited by your imagination and energy. There are so many proven ways to promote without cost it’s truly mind-boggling! Here are ten proven methods.

10 Ways to Get Your Flyers Noticed

An inexpensive way to promote your services is to create various flyers and distribute them wherever you go — pin them to the bulletin boards at the library, bookstore, handout out at networking events, or playing tennis. Here are 10 tips on how to get your flyer noticed and remembered.

10 Keys to Designing A Personal Lifelong Learning Process

A Lifelong Learning Plan is a conscious, continuous engagement in acquiring, assimilating and applying knowledge and skills in the context of authentic, self-directed growth and challenge. It is rare for individuals to take this initiative. Most people operate on a “what they need now” plan and typically attend educational institutions for their training.

How “Real” is Your Infoproduct Idea?

A 10-point checklist to help you be real with your idea first!

Six-figure Professionals: and Their Seven Secrets

In my work with hundreds of coaches, consultants, and small business owners, I have found that there are specific actions that have created their success. Here are seven success elements that they use effectively to earn $100,000 plus a year. By focusing on these important elements, you too can grow your business to reach this goal.