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Developing A List Of Keywords For Marketing

Keywords aren’t just some words that allow search engines, like Google, to find your web site. They are also key elements for creating attractive language to use in your marketing or advertising material. For instance places such as: brochures, business cards, flyers, and ads. Keywords can also fit well into speaking engagements scripts or audiotapes scripts as well as audience handouts.

20 Website Mistakes That Cost Me Three Years and $22,000

“Learn from other’s mistakes,” my Mom always advised me. Learn from mine, save three precious marketing years, tons of frustration, energy, and come out way ahead of the game. Best of all, you probably didn’t lose thousands of dollars like I did.

The First Ten Seconds Are A Make Or Break

Why do people write long copy? It is not because their readers read it all! People write long stories for the same reason that restaurants that serve big portions get customers lining up at their doors. They are creating the illusion that their meal is cost effective. A long story suggests that there is a lot to say.

The Internet Marketing Pie: Slice It Up Right or Lose

The number one concern for Internet sales is your marketing list — in other words, your audience.

15 Website Elements That Attract Visitors

Here is a quick list of components that make a website attractive. They are listed in layers of attractiveness beginning with the “must” haves, to “nice to haves.”

Persuading Learners to Buy: 7 Groups

There are seven major reasons why adults continue their pursuit to learn. Each of the reasons play into the way you want to present your sales information.

Techniques to Help e-Learning
· 7

e-Learning is doubling yearly. Classes, e-courses, e-books on how-to and what-to appear by the thousands online weekly. In- person seminars and workshops are limited to location and access. e-Learning allows easy access, creation, and international distribution to a whole new world of experiences — negative and positive.

7 Must Knows for Measuring Web Site Activities

Record keeping measurements for Internet marketing.

Slogans: Creating and Using Them In Life, Career and Business

Information is coming at us from all directions nowadays.

Ten Unobvious Ideas To Pull Visitors to Your Real Estate Agent Web Site

The number one key to getting business in the real estate home sales market is to be people’s first contact. The National Association of Realtor’s last three surveys between 1999 to 2003 said 66% of buyers stayed with the first real estate agent they contacted yet only 6% of this number came from web sites. This number is rising as people become more comfortable finding their information on the Internet. There are three ways to show your uniqueness on the Internet: words, pictures, and interactive activities.

Converting Web Site Home Buyers to First Contacts

According the National Association of Realtors(R) (“NAR”) surveys completed between 1999 and 2003, 66 percent of all home buyers stick with the first real estate agent they contact. The number one reason stated was that buyers perceive all real estate agents to be the same. This means that two out of every three contacts that you receive when you are the first contact, you are most likely to get the business.

Ten Quick Etiquette Tips for Business Lunches

Knowing what to do when meeting a prospective client for lunch, or going to lunch with the boss or colleague can be confusing at times. Here is a quick list of items to remember:

Five Fun Ideas That Increase Online Traffic

1. Using Hidden Links to increase subscribers or for a contest. Place a not so easy to find link in your copy and then ask people to find it. Give them a prize or freebie for finding it. Or you can give them the ebook after they find the link and click on it. By burring it inside the material, they will definitely need to read it carefully in order to find it.

Increase Book Sales: When a Book is No Longer Just a Book for

Do you have books sitting in your garage that you haven’t sold yet and looking for ways to move them? Then you will want to know about these five outrageous ideas that aren’t difficult and can be just plain out fun.

Have You Ever Thought of Joining or Forming a Consortium?

Are you an entrepreneur but don’t like selling alone? A consortium is a combination of different industry-types of entrepreneurs working together to attract business as a group. Even though each member maintains their individuality and operates as the same as self-employed.

What Colors Make Your Services Most Attractive?

This information is based on the principles of Laws of Attraction, Law of Allowing and Law of Deliberate Creation. And the Universal Laws of Energy (like attract likes) proven by Quantum Physics.

Planning For The Slow Season Of Your Business To Increase Sales

Every business experiences slower periods. For some, they sell more during the Christmas season while others move at a snail pace. Some sell more during the summer and others less. The key is being aware of your seasons and alternatives available to solve the challenge and change the results.

What Does it REALLY Take to be Making 6-Figures as a Service Professional?

Over the past 30 years, I’ve read so much on how to make money that I know I can write a series of books on the topic, books that would cut through the junk and you don’t have to buy 101 things for each area.

Email Reflections: 10 Simple Courtesies

Okay, you are super busy or you are down to your last email before heading home. Maybe it’s first thing in the morning, you have a full in box to read and handle, all before your meeting starts in 10 minutes. It’s easy to be in a rush and dismiss the little things, however…

The 10 Cornerstone Principles of Marketing

There are four parts to a marketing system and they rest on ten cornerstones.

Going On A Word Diet

There are three ways to write a first draft. One is to ink whatever surfaces, in whatever order without regard to grammar, spelling or staying on topic. After the free write, the points, and message extracted for notes or an outline. Time is its adversary and clarity chisels its way forward slowly.

Putting Your Expert Team Together

As a freelance writer myself, I know how important it is to have, and keep track of, experts to interview. Here are a few ideas on the topic:

The Top Five 2004 Required Marketing Tips Needed to Succeed

When marketing your practice, as well as designing your brochure, web site, business card, flier, advertisement, or other marketing effort, we recommend investing the time and effort needed to effectively address all these tips. Not one of them can be omitted.

Planning A Slow Season Calendar

Every business experiences slower periods. For some, they sell more during the Christmas season while others move at a snail pace. Some sell more during the summer and others less. The key is being aware of your seasons and alternatives available to solve the challenge and change the results.