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Carey Holzman owns and operates Discount Computer Repair (602-527-9723) in Phoenix, Arizona, where he offers repairs, upgrades, custom built PCs and network wiring at highly competitive pricing. His networking tips have appeared in David Strom's book, The Home Networking Survival Guide (McGraw/Hill), and his own book on PC maintenance is currently available at local book stores, amazon.com or directly through him. His free informative web site can be found at http://www.careyholzman.com. Donate $30 to help maintain his site and you'll get a free autographed copy of his book. Carey can be reached directly at carey@careyholzman.com.

MS Word is locking my PC up!

Hello Carey,
HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!! This 53yr. old fairly PC illiterate female is having trouble with MS Word. For about 5 days, everytime I try to open Word up by double clicking on my Desktop, I get the hourglass, hear the “churning”, then everything freezes up.

If I do Ctrl, Alt, Delete, I get: “the system is seriously low in resources, would you like to terminate Winword?” I have lots of disk space. When I tried to go through Documents to open something on Word, the same thing happens. What can I do??????? Seems like this started close to a time I used a floppy.

Jackie Clonan

Debugging Options In Windows

Hello Carey:

Im running win2k pro, my problem is it has a debugger that runs when a program malfunctions or you click on a website stored on my desktop, or try to open a folder at times. [ It dont run often but enough to bug the h— out of me ]…….

Well i could accept the debugger if it worked right, but it takes it forever to debug or it never stops debugging. Is a debugger necessary , or can i de-activate it? I’ve looked every where for it but cant find it,,, I’ve even done a registry search but never found it yet. Is there a way i can delete the registry key to get this debugging prog to stop bugging me? Or is there even a reg key for it?

Any help or info will be greatly appreciated..

Thank You.

Outlook Express and XP Identities

I’m running windows xp home. I use Outlook Express for my mail with two identities. From time to time when I switch identities I lose outlook express and cannot retrieve my mail without restarting the computer. Is this a correctable problem?
– Patricia

Explorer Does Not Show Contents of C: Drive

Question: Problem – I’ve got one that is really annoying and can’t find how to get rid of it. I’ve had it once before on a different machine, a while ago. Windowa ME when opening Explorer, the left hand side where you would normally see my computer, C: drive, etc., is grayed out and totally blank.
Any ideas?
– Richard

Graphics Suddenly Don’t Show Up in Browser

Question: I’m running Windows 98 SE. Up until two weeks ago I had no trouble opening any or all web pages on Netscape 7.0 or Internet Explorer 6. Then suddenly, without warning certain web pages would no longer open in either browser.

Explorer Constantly Crashes

Question: When I double-click one link on Internet Explorer, Windows Html Help, or Windows Explorer I receive an error message and window closes. It doesn`t happen when I use contextual menu right-clicking over the link.

Removing Spyware

There are essentially four different kinds of software: Freeware, Shareware, retail software, and Spyware.

Note: We use the term software’ as a generic term used to describe all computer programs. The word hardware’ is a generic term used to describe all computer parts.

Freeware is typically created from a hobbyist programmer who enjoys programming and offers his creations to others for free, with no strings attached.

Defrag Does Not Work on XP

Question: Im using XP and I like to clean and defrag my hard drive alot to make sure things are kept up to clean. But now when I click on the clean disk, it just sets there and never runs.for me.

Switching Users and Keeping RAS Connected

Question: While switching users in XP I lose my Internet connection. A popup window used to asked if I wanted to stay connected, but now this window does not appear. Is there some way I can have the RAS stay connected?


Malfunctioning New PC

Question: I have a new computer that was just built for me. I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHZ processor 1 gig ram, 120 gig HD and my vid card is ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and an LCD Monitor.

When transferring files – graphic and fonts – from one folder to another on the desktop (I’m using XP) the monitor goes black yet the system is still running. What could be the causes of this? We have already ordered a new monitor but have not used it yet as I don’t entirely believe that the fault is the entire monitor. The sleep mode was turned off so it couldn’t be that. I’m just not sure what else to look for.

Thanks for your help.

Windows Issues With Black Hawk Down

Have been trying to run the game Black Hawk Down, but keep on getting a warning message saying that windows virtual memory swap file is less that the minimum recommend size of 140mb. I have plenty of memory left in my computer! can I make this swap file bigger? If so, how?


e-Machine Speed Trouble


hi Carey,
When I restart my E-Machine, it takes a long time just to get to the desktop, and then the computer goes slow when trying to go from page to page. Is there anyway of speeding it up? Also I’m getting Error messages. If I leave the computer it’ll just pop up. One more thing (sorry!!) When I download music on KaZaA I can’t listen to it…The mute is off and the sound is up. Can you help? Thanks!!

greatly appreciated,
Karen Tappa

Running Out Of Disk Space
· 2

I am continuously running out of disk space – I have deleted temp files, etc. This resulted in a small amount of relief. I found lots of Cookies files and Temp files in Windows directory. Can/should all of these be deleted? If so, what’s the quickest way?

Don Woodley

Can a Trojan Cause Outlook Express to Hang?

Quesiton: I am using MS Windows Pro on a laptop with Intel 850Mhz and 256MB RAM connected to the Internet using cable. Using Norton Personal Internet Security.

I was cleaning up some messages in my inbox (Outlook Express). I tried to delete a message from “MAILER-DAEMON@mail09b.bellsouth-hosting.net” the subject failure notice. Each time I clicked on it my computer froze and I got the message that the program was not responding and had the option to end now or cancel. Cancel never did anything but End Now would close Outlook Express. Then a little while after that I noticed on my Internet security several messages that said “rule default block backdoor/subseven trojan horse matched.” Could this be connected? What should I do?

Matthew F. Grandalski

DVD Player Doesn’t Display Images
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Question: I have a Sony Vaio running Win ME. I have installed a CreativeCD DVD player. The software will recognize the name of the DVD inserted, but I cannot get any video to appear. When I press “play,” the counter starts as if the DVD were playing normally.

Can you suggest something?

Switching Computers and Keeping Your Mail

Question: I have been trying to find a way to transfer my existing OE email from this old P2$233Mhz to a nice fresh AthlonXP 2400+ I just finished building…and have met with little success and loads of reinstalls. (Cheat-mode reinstalls….Ghost is a very worthy toy ;)

Illegal Operations Error In Outlook

Carey…can you advise me? When I open Outlook I get an error message that says I have performed an illegal operation. When I close it for
the 2nd time I get the following:

I Deleted A Program – Did I Need It?

Question: When it comes to computers, I really don’t know too much, so please don’t ask why I did the following on my own…

Repairing An Operating System

Question: I have a group of 5 networked computers using Win98. Norton Utilities doesn’t seem to work as well as it should and I heard from one radio computer guy to continue with Norton Antivirus be get System Suite instead for troubleshooting repairs. What would your recommendation be?

Problem Receiving Attachments in Outlook Express

Question: For the last few months I have been unable to receive any attachments. A notice appears at the top of the window telling me they are unsafe. I even changed from McAfee to Norton but still get the same message. Obviously all of them can’t be unsafe; what can be done about this?
– Rodney

Java Problems On Win98

Question: I am running Win98 and Explorer 6. Recently, I am having a problem with Java. I have not changed any of my setting in IE, but it will not run certain Java pages anymore. I have tried to re-install the latest version of IE 6, but it is still the same. I installed the latest Java plugin, but it is still the same.

Windows XP Displays Warning During Shutdown

Question: My problem is on XP sometimes when I shutdown, I get a warning that says “other people are logged on to this computer. data may be lost” even if not hooked to my network or the net. what is this and how can I fix it. thanks for any help you can give
– Steve

Remembering Passwords on XP

I have Windows XP Professional. I cannot get my computer to remember passwords such as for Outlook email accounts. I looked up an article somewhere that has a fix but that did not work. Do you know of a way to tweak the registry so that passwords are remembered on an xp computer?
– Bill Tedder

Windows Tips By Carey Holzman – Part I

Carey Holzman has spent years troubleshooting Windows systems. Here he shares a few of his collected tips and tricks that might help you with your Windows-based computer.