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Windows ME Password Problems


Please help me with a problem. I created a user on my friend’s computer while I was visiting. I deleted my user profile but the password windows still comes up (EMPTY) upon restart or reboot. How do I get rid of this? I am using Windows ME for this user name window problem that wont go away.


Monitor Problems and Windows XP

Dear Carey,

I am having a problem with Windows XP. I had to replace the monitor, and now my PC won’t boot up. It gets to the boot up screen, then just stops after the lights go across the XPlogo once. Thanks for any help you can give. I have already tried to restore my computer.


Anti-Trojan Software

Hello Carey.

I’ve often thought about installing a Anti-Trojan Software program (Like Agntium Tauscan Anti-Trojan) in My P.C. I am currently running Norton Anti Virus 2002 and ZoneAlarm Personal edition. Is this adequate, for every day home internet use, or is it going overboard installing all of these extra programs?

Hall Dorrington

Troubleshooting IncrediMail
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Question: I have lost some of my displays in my IncrediMail program, which are just jpeg files made into stationery. I cannot see the pictures, it is like everything has shifted to the left and down, and the pictures are out of my view. In some e-mails I recieve I cannot see the pictures.

Help Installing Flash Player

Question: I am having trouble reinstalling the Flash player. I do not know how my Flash player got removed from my computer, but no matter what I do it will not install. There are some sites that I go that tell me I need to install a Flash player and it says to click here to install. Well, I click to install the player but nothing happens. I go back to the site that told me I needed to install a player and it tells me the same
thing again. My computer is a year old and it has Windows XP on it. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!
– Lisa

Finding The Missing Outlook Spell Checker

Question: I have Outlook Express for my e-mail. I can not turn on my spell checker. It is on my tool bar, but not turned on. I have gone to Tools, Options, but have no speller tab. How do I turn on spell checker? Thanks…
– Marie

Staying Connected With Free Internet Service

Question: Carey, I bought a computer through PeoplePC, so I get their service included for 3 years. I have been having trouble staying connected through them and so am currently trying a free trial AOL disc. I don’t even know where your site came from that showed up on my computer all of a sudden and I don’t know if I will ever be able to find you again. I was downloading music from WinMX and at the same time checking something on eBay and still got disconnected.

Windows Problems and Solutions

Carey Holzman has spent years troubleshooting Windows systems. Here he shares a few of his collected problems and solutions that might help you with your Windows-based computer.

Monitor Trouble
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Dear Carey,

My monitor will not work. How can I find out what is wrong when I cant see anything?


Power Supply Issues

Dear Carey,

When I attempt to shut down my computer either through the start menu or the on/off switch it will not shut down. Any thoughts?

Thanks Dale

Install and Uninstall Questions

Dear Carey,

Thank you for the kind offer to help me. I have 2 problems:

1) I cannot install Norton System Works 2003Pro – I have several failed install attempts, and each time I follow Symantec’s directions for manual uninstall, as it is never fully installed and functional. Machine is Dell Inspiron 7000, PII 366, 160MB RAM, Windows XP Pro

2) How do I make Windows Messenger ‘go away’ forever?

Best regards,

Marty Roth

Java Applets and Shutting down Windows 98

Dear Carey,

I have two problems: When I try to start my Ameritrade streamer, the streamer console comes up but the applet menu does not appear. I just get the small square box at the top with the red, blue & green boxes within it. The applet menu does not appear. It was working fine, not sure what happened. It uses Java Web Start. I have tried all their suggestions.

2nd, most of the time, when I go to shut Windows down, it goes to where it says Windows is shutting down and then just stays there. I have Windows 98 and Interenet Explorer 6.0


DiskClean Dilemas

Dear Carey,

I have a similar problem as the writer whose DiskClean was not working properly, but, in my case, the program locks up my CPU, even after I hit ‘cancel’ and the program ends – the CPU operates @ 100% and the O/S – WinXP Home – slows WAY down. The only way to recover is to reboot – which takes an awfully long time. I have tried your ‘solution’ even waiting all night to run the zip portion of the program – trouble is this is NOT the 1st time I have used ‘DiskClean’. I even used ‘sageset: 11, eliminated all options, but the program still tried to read the compressed programs and locked up the system. This indicates to me that ‘DiskClean’ has become corrupt and needs to be replaced. Is there a source for it?
Please email me with answer.


Cookie Control and the Accessing of Sites


I have a cable modem that has 3 computers networked on it. On two of the computers, I loaded CookieCop 2. Over a period of time, certain web sites became unavailable to the computers that have CookieCop2 on them. The first was fool.com, followed by the financial section of yahoo, and then amazon.com.

Here recently, I haven’t been able to get onto ccbonline.com. The 3rd machine has never had CookieCop loaded on to it, so I can go to any of the above sites (this eliminated the router as a potential problem). I have removed CookieCop on one machine but it did not correct the problem. It still loads on machine 2 and it still will not connect Also I never set CookieCop up to block any of these sites. It appears there is a file or something on machine 1 and 2 that is keeping them from accessing these web sites.

Any suggestions?


Freecell and the IE6 dilema

Dear Carey,

Ever since I upgraded my IE to 6.0, freecell won’t work in Windows. As soon as I uninstalled it, it works again, but I’d like to know if there’s a way to fix this problem.

Thanks !!

System Resource Solutions

Hi, Carey

Thank you for the helpful suggestions about my problems with too little memory. I have a couple more questions for you…….

A few months ago I added 64MB to boost my computer’s memory to 96MB RAM. Looking at Performance Stats today I find that System Resources are 53% free. While that may have helped in improved performance (mostly faster), it
hasn’t helped any with the problem I have re the C: drive. Today I have 1.96GB capacity and 222MB free there. This is actually up a little ~ most of the time I find that I have about 5% to work with..

So, the first question for the day is how do I eliminate this problem? I have tried removing unused programs in the past and most of the time wound up with more problems, because some bit of information that was used by another program got taken out.

Next question: how can I tell what not to eliminate?

Hoping you can help.

Don Woodley
RAOGK for Bremer, Butler, Floyd & Franklin Counties in Iowa
Researching Woodley, Butler, Ayers, Trindle, Cornford, Relf & Lingenfelter & others as time permits.

XP shutdown problems

Hi Carey,
When I shut down windows XP, instead of actually turning off, it reboots. It shuts down when I hold in the power button as it reboots. It will not shut down at the shut down command.

James B. Shafer

CDRW software and Windows XP

Hi Carey,

I just bought an EMachine that has a CDRW, but it didn’t come with software like Roxio. I know that XP has built in software, but it isn’t user friendly. When I tried to load my Roxio platinum I encounterd the problem you addressed on your site where the recorder disappears.

Is there a solution to the problem? A different piece of software that would work with xp? I’m at a loss.


File Transfer Complications

Hello Carey,

On my older computer there was an accessory titled cardfile. I am getting my son a computer with the newest version of windows, which doesn’t carry cardfile. I have a lot of info stored on this program and I have tried to copy this to a diskette, but, it comes up in a different format. Could you help.

Linda Gonzales

Burning Tapes into CDs using your PC.

Hi Carey,

What am I doing wrong? Can you answer this? I hooked up my tape player to my PC to be able to record CD’s off of the tapes I have. I got it hooked up ok, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

I’ve asked for help through HP, but they just seem to confuse me and nothing they tell me seems to help. Do you know what I’m doing wrong?

Thank You

Low Resources? What can I do?

Hi Carey,

I am having problems with my computer, I have received this message a number of times: The system is dangerously low in resources. There is not enough free memory to run this program. At the moment I am on the net and have word and outlook open and my system resources are very low, at 4% free.

I spoke to the people I bought the computer from because I am supposed to have 512ram, they assure me that I have plenty, and it must be a windows problem and that I have to reformat my harddrive. I am not that familiar with such things, so I thought I would search to find out why I was having this problem and came across your site.

Could spyware be slowing your PC boot up time?

I have a HP pavilion 512n system. I have 256 Megs ram and a 1.4 gig hard-drive. I empty my temp Internet files daily to keep the cookies out. The problem is that my system boots like a turtle. Do you have any suggestions? The system works good but as I stated, the pc boots very slowly.

I am a computer tech by trade, and can fix anyone’s pc but this one has me stumped, and of course, it is my pc

Mike Christensen

Video Basic compatibility problems with XP?

Hi Carey.

My name is Gary and i live in southwest Florida. I have a program that calls for Video Basic 6.0 (aka vbrun 60 exe a Windows download) I guess this download is not combatable with Windows XP. Do you know a way around this or is there another download that i can try?

Thanks is advance, Gary

Disabling Networking User ID When Booting


I have windows I want to get rid of the annoying request for Microsoft networking
userid and/or password when booting.

Can you help?
Regards, Ric.