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Carey Holzman owns and operates Discount Computer Repair (602-527-9723) in Phoenix, Arizona, where he offers repairs, upgrades, custom built PCs and network wiring at highly competitive pricing. His networking tips have appeared in David Strom's book, The Home Networking Survival Guide (McGraw/Hill), and his own book on PC maintenance is currently available at local book stores, amazon.com or directly through him. His free informative web site can be found at http://www.careyholzman.com. Donate $30 to help maintain his site and you'll get a free autographed copy of his book. Carey can be reached directly at carey@careyholzman.com.

Security Tab and Monitor Problem

I had was wondering why the SECURITY tab under Tools, Internet Options would not be there??

Help with Windows 98 / Internet Explorer Problem
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Hello Mr. Holzman,

I have been tweaking my computer trying to fix it since Mcafee royally messed it up, I can no longer update windows or when I click on a link a blank page appears and or if I right click on the link it will not open. Any suggestions? I have IE6

Thank You,
S. L.

Windows XP Update Problem

Mr. Holzman,

I’m sure you’re very busy, but I really need some assistance and would appreciate any you could give. I have a Windows XP Pro update problem: I go to the Windows Update link from Windows XP or type windowsupdate.microsoft.com into my web browser, the page is blank and IE shows “Done” in the bottom-left corner. Am I having a viral problem or is this something wrong with XP? If it’s XP, how do I fix it without completely rebuilding the PC?

Thanks in advance,

M. K.

Undeleting Files / Windows XP Can’t Initialize Driver

Hi, Carey.

I work at a small private christian school where I am responsible for our website. Last Tuesday, I changed a page. When I got back to work on Thursday, the My Webs folder that is usually in My Documents was completely gone – along with my website files. I thought someone might have deleted it by mistake, but it was not in the recycle bin. I know I did not delete it. How could it just “disappear” without a trace? Is there a way to put it back?

Passwords in XP and Windows Logon UI Error Message
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Hi There,

I hope you can help me. Anytime I get a box on my screen asking if I would like Windows to remember the password for whatever I am dealing with and I click yes it never does, whether this is for my e-bay account or anything at all. Also if I am in e-bay and I have typed in a product to search for then surely the next time I type the same thing in the word should be finished for me, but it’s not! I believe that this problem occurred when I downloaded a new connection kit for freeserve last year. I am no longer with freeserve however.

Thank you very much

P. G.

Windows Logon UI Error + Ad Aware & Spybot
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Hello, I booted up my PC this morning and received an interesting little greeting that reads as follows: "Windows logon UI has encountered a problem and needed to close". It gave me the option to send a report to MS, which I selected to do so.

The error continues to return immediately regardless of whatever selection I make. Other than having to move the annoying message box, the error doesn’t appear to have hindered my ability to use my PC….. but how do I fix the problem? What is a Logon UI?

What’s All the Fuss About Internet Cookies?

As if keeping your computer operating properly wasn’t enough, advertisers on the Internet like to utilize it to do their bidding, too. They love it when your computer is fast, powerful, and responsive! They’ll use as much of your computer and your Internet connection, which you unknowingly allow, hawking their wares and even attempting to scare you into purchasing their products.

Blocking Mail Senders + The Power Of System Restore

Hi Carey,
I am trying to reduce the number of emails I receive. I see under messages, there is a block senders list; however, I guess I don’t fully understand what to do. Please explain how to use this list and how it works.

Rooting Out Spyware + Hard Drive Installation

Can you help? I’ve got XP Professional on my PC, and every now and then it decides it’s going to dial the internet. No particular reason, no applications calling for it, just now and then. If media player is running it interupts that, or otherwise just throws up a screen saying no dialtone (I don’t have it permanently connected to the net). Can I stop it from dialling without asking me?

Updating WinXP + Free Cell Help

I am having problems using Windows Update on Windows XP Home Edition. I noticed that Windows update was notifying me that Windows Security Update 823559 needed to be installed. It would install without problems. But the next time I booted up my P.C. Windows Update was giving me the same story. I used Windows update and found Windows SP1 update and tried to apply that as well. The Security update would fail with a message saying that the patch was not compatible with this version of Windows. I look at the Windows Update history log and find multiple failures for the 823559 patch and multiple successful updates for SP1 (which failed when installing – go figure).

Clicking The Advanced Tab in Outlook Causes Error

Hi Carey, I am a computer tech. at a GIS business in Georgetown. I have been introduced to an Outlook Error that I would like to seek help on. In Outlook 2002, click view, click Current View, click Customize Current View, click the Filter button, and then when you click the Advanced Tab a Microsoft error appears saying that Microsoft Outlook needs to close.

HTTP Links Not Working in XP

Hi Carey, I am running Windows XP Pro and am having trouble connecting to web pages from a HTTP:// sent to me in an email or on messenger. When I click on these all I get is a blank white page.

Vanishing Messages In Outlook Express

When I ran disk cleanup and selected “all” after I clicked “cancel,” it deleted all of my messages from Outlook Express. I want my messages back – can you help me please?

Scanner Won’t Scan After Upgrade

Hi Carey:

My OS is Win 98 SE and had a perfectly running HP scanner 3530c untill I updated to IE6 from 5.5. Every time I try to scan something now an IE box opens (not the browser itself) and tells me I have an error on the script of this page and do I want to continue running it. No mater what I choose to do it scews up file://C:Program FilesHewlett-PackardDigital Imagingbbfedirectordirector.htm /line 261 char 4, which then adds more lines and characters as I try to get it to dissapear.

Monitor Malfunctioning

Hi Carey,

The original monitor with my eMachine eTower 566i2 started blinking a few months ago. It would slowly grow dim and then brighten up again. and then one day it just stopped functioning altogether. Then I switched to another used monitor and put on a spike buster just to make sure that this was not because of power fluctuations. But this one started behaving the same way.

Trouble With Task Scheduling

Carey: My wife has a windows xp system & I am having trouble scheduling any maintenance tasks to run automatically. No matter what I do on the status page it says “the scheduled task did not run because an incorrect password or user name was used”. I specifically would like to run the disk cleanup when ever the system is idle or when she logs on, as for some reason her “compress files” area just fills up a whole bunch each day 32,000 or more. Is there a way we can stop that also?

Jim Wallace

IE Malfunctioning – Or Is It?

Reader Question:

I have Windows XP home edition with IE ver.6.0 installed on it. My problem is with the IE icon in the bottom toolbar – it will not keep multiple windows open. If I click the back button to access a previous site, the present window closes, meaning I have to retype the address of that site in , or use the drop-down menu, in order to access it again. Any advice? Thanks!


I have received over 2 dozen calls on Monday, Aug.11, 2003 concerning people with Windows XP that contains an error that states there was in an error in the RPC and the system will reboot.

Mysterious Error Message

Reader Question:

I have just got a new computer with Windows XP installed on it. I have had the usual password problems but it also does not disconnect after receiving/sending mail although I have told it to do so. I also get an error message when I shut down from outlook express – “the instruction at ox 77fs2004 referenced memory at oxo 7f4608 the memory could not be written.” Any idea what this means please? And how I can make it disconnect until I get broad band?

Blue Screen On Startup Woes

Reader Question:

Hi Carey,

I’ve got a problem with my win98se; hope you can enlighten me– every time I boot up windows the OS goes to the blue harddisk scan screen indicating that I’ve not shut down the PC properly. I’m pretty sure the PC is properly shut down after each use. What could I do to rectify this? Do I need to reinstall windows?

Monitor Questions in XP


When I switch user on Windows XP monitor screen (NEC FE950) completely blanks out before desktop shows up. Is it possible to avoid this and keep the monitor screen ‘on’ while switching users?

Thanks in advance.


Outlook 98 Concerns

Hi Carey,

My windows 98 appears to have changed. For example when I’m in “my documents” and right click on an item the menu does not allow sending to a mail recipient and if I go to the file menu it does not have that option either. Any answer would be greatly appreciated.


Windows Runtime Errors

hi carey.

I have windows 98SE…..and it (runtime errors) happens after I have been online and going to web pages I go to daily..I do have norton anti-virus. I know that I get runtime error and then another that says Internet explorer will close this program down error. I close out all programs on system tray will that help….. I freeze alot also. Do you need any more info..?


Java VM and Windows 98

Dear Carey,

Hi, I lost all java on my win 98se machine .I’ve done everything short of reinstalling the OS. I reinstalled MS java VM Did not work. So I tried Suns Java, installed it And it still does not work. I uninstalled it then reinstalled it still nothing did this 8 times. I consulted with sun about 4 times, and they told me to do everything I had already done all 8 times i reinstalled it.