About Cameron Moll

Cameron Moll is the Creative Director for IDI, a publicly traded Web applications provider specializing in the network marketing and direct sales industries. He also co-owns a freelance web development company, oddly named HashMedia. Cameron's award-winning work includes such clients as Tupperware Corporation and Brigham Young University. Proud of the fact that his personal website is quite boring, Cameron encourages you to bore yourself at http://www.cameronmoll.com or by email at bored@cameronmoll.com.
Great Homepages Really Suck

Where would we be today without vacuums? Think about it: The vacuum is a brilliant invention. It sucks up your household dirt and puts it exactly where you want it to go – off your floor and into that little bag.

A successful homepage acts exactly like a “digital vacuum” – it sucks users in, away from the homepage, and straight to important content within the rest of the site.