About Cameron Laird

Cameron Laird is a full-time developer for independent consultancy Phaseit, Inc.He writes and speaks frequently on open source and other technical topics. Most of his own development work has been in systems programming and on the server side. You can contact him at claird@phaseit.net.
Python in Systems Administration: Part I — Better Scripting

One well-honed item in every sys admin’s toolbox is a preferred scripting language — maybe sh, or ksh, or Perl, or something more unusual, like Rexx or Ruby. I find Python so capable and easy to learn that in my consulting role at Phaseit, I tell newcomers it’s the best single language they can learn. Python spans a wider range of applications than any other language I know — even more than C or Java — and beginners pick it up quickly.

Improve Linux performance

Performance breakthroughs seem to come in two varieties: easy and hard. That’s no platitude; the boundary between the two is surprisingly clear.

When you hear about some — the easy ones — you clap your hands and say, “wow” or “of course” or “slick.” Although in some cases it has taken considerable genius to realize their first application, they’re easy to understand.