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Akamai, IBM Promise Zippy Web Services

The companies team up to sell a hosting service that will deliver Web services applications using Akamai’s network of servers around the world.

Web services rides the management wave

Actional hooks up with Microsoft and joins a growing number of companies touting tools for Web services application performance. A growing number of companies are looking to capitalize on an emerging niche in business software called Web services management. Start-up Actional on Monday will seek to bolster its position among competitors, with enhancements to its product line and a partnership with Microsoft.

McNealy: Rattling cages is good for Sun

On his Asian tour, Sun’s CEO tells reporters that being controversial is good for business–then describes Intel’s Itanium chip as a “serious disaster.”

The Cell-Phone Folks Face a Wi-Fi World

The new technology is bound to become another leg of wireless providers’ strategy. Getting to that point is the hard part. At the annual Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Assn. meeting in New Orleans Mar. 17-19, the buzz was, as you would expect, all about wireless communications.

Yahoo seals Inktomi deal

The portal giant completes its purchase of Web search technology company Inktomi, highlighting an intent to boost its own flourishing search business.

McNealy: .Net is a joke

On a tour of Asia, the Sun Microsystems’ CEO hits out at rival Microsoft, saying that viruses are a feature in .Net Microsoft and that Java is tops for developers.

Google’s Offspring: Taking Baby Steps
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Its Froogle shopping site and Google News news-gathering site are nowhere near the category killers that the search site is. When it comes to navigating the Internet, Google’s search engine has few peers, thanks to its speed and its superior ability to select the links that most closely match the keywords you want. In the blink of an eye,