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Bruce Houghton is a 25 year music industry veteran who owns booking agency Skyline Music and the tour marketing company Skyline Innovations.

Sharing Your MySpace Profile


Warner Music Group Offers Catalog To Wal-Mart.com

Wmg The Warner Music Group family of labels has widened its full catalog mp3 offering to incl

Grand Theft Auto And Amazon’s “Discover And Download”

Grand_theft_auto_4 Starting today, players of Gran

Entertainment Spending Looks Bleak

Downarrowgig The weak economy is beginning to have an effect on the entertainment industry.

Starbucks-iTunes Offering “Pick Of The Week”

 Expanding their ongoing marketing partnership, Starbucks and iTunes yesterday announced Pick of the Week, offering coffeehouse customers free downloads and videos. Upcoming Pick of the Week artists include Carly Simon, Duffy, Counting Crows, Adele, Sia, and Hilary McRae.

CDs Get Environment Friendly Packaging

Recycle_2 The insert in more than 20 Universal Music Group titles being intro

Who’s #2 In Music Downloads?

Amazonmp3 Earlier this week USA Today

No Facebook Music Details In SxSW Keynote

A keynote at SXSW Interactive with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerman got a touch ugly when the crowd booed interviewer and BusinessWeek columnist Sarah Lacy for fawning over Zuckerman and her softball questions.

SXSW By The Numbers


Paste Magazine’s Caren Kelleher has taken a look at emerging trends at SXSW and found that just as the conference is receiving increasing criticism for getting too big, 20% more bands than ever before have already been accepted to official showcases.  Kelleher counts 1594 bands in 2008 vs. 1331 in 2007.

Tweens Prefer iTunes To P2P

We’re not sure we believe it, but a new study by the NPD Group claims that purchasing music from Apple’s iTunes Store is more popular with tweens (kids 9-to 14) than "illegally"  downloading music. The report says 70% of tweens now use legal services with iTunes grabbing 49%, Limewire still commands 26% and MySpace is used by 16%.

The New MTV

MTV is once again retooling itself in an attempt to maintain relevance in the digital age.

Yahoo Acquires FoxyTunes


Last.FM Adds On-Demand Service
Last.FM has added a new on demand song streaming service with the support from all four major labels and 150,000 indie labels and artists from distributors including The Orchard, CD Baby, IODA, Naxos. 

 Users can listen to a track free up to three times, after which they are pointed iTunes, Amazon or 7Digital for purchase.

Godin on Digital Pricing
Two weeks ago marketing guru Seth Godin gave advice to the industry with his essay "Music Lessons" drawing praise for our readers. (read more and vote in our poll here).

Amazon’s Answer to MP3 Competition?

Borders ends its online sales relationship with Amazon in April and is exploring the addition of a download an mp3 only download store to its new online offering.

Video Summary – Jobs at MacWorld
Here’s a clever video summary of yesterday’s MacWorld announcements which contained nothing for music fans or the industry and let me to ask, "Has Apple Gone As Far As It Can Go With Music?"

Has Apple Seen the Height of its Success with Music?

At yesterday’s MacWorld keynote, Steve Jobs unveiled no new  major music initiatives at  iTunes or with the iPod line.

Amazon Gets Sony BMG Tracks

UPDATED: The entire Sony BMG catalog will be available on Amazon MP3 beginning later this month. Sony BMG is the last major label to drop DRM

Godin on the Music Industry
Sethgodin Best selling author and marketing guru
Sony BMG Becomes Last Major Label to Drop DRM

BusinessWeek is reporting and our sources confirm that Sony BMG will offer at least part of its catalog available DRM free in the first quarter of the year making it the

MySpace Transmissions
MySpace Transmissions offers artists and labels the ability to record exclusive audio and video content linked directly to a sales platform.

Universal DRM Free Music Speeding Up

The slow march towards universal DRM free music appears about to become a sprint to the finish line. 

Recent developments pushing Sony BMG, WMG and other holdouts to reconsider their protectionist positions include:

MySpace Tests Ad-Supported Music Waters

MySpace will be testing the ad supported music waters this March with punk band Pennywise. Fans will be able to go to the MySpace profile of Textango, a mobile indie music distributor, and after adding them as a friend be able to download the entire album for free.

Has the DRM Free Experiment Failed?
The last year has been filled with announcement after announcement marking the end of DRM.  DRM-free pioneer eMusic was thriving. 

EMI dropped DRM across its entire catalog.