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Bruce Houghton is a 25 year music industry veteran who owns booking agency Skyline Music and the tour marketing company Skyline Innovations.

Bopaboo’s Interesting MP3 ‘Pawning’ Service
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A Look Inside A Very Controversial Startup

Universities Listening To Talks Of Blanket Music Licensing At The ISP Level

Warner Music Group’s Jim Griffen, who has been a vocal proponent of blanket music licensing at the ISP level, is out pitching the idea to some of America’s top universities.

Digital Music Sales To Rise Dramatically In The Next 5 Years

A new study by JupiterResearch, a Forrester Research company, predicts that digital music will grow from the current 18% to 41% of total sales in 5 years. Researchers credited stores like Amazon and the transition to mp3’s which make downloads portable for some of the increase.

(Red), Bono’s Fundraising Program Starts Dec. 1st

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Circuit City Goes Bankrupt

Just last week Circuit City announced the closing of 155 stores which meant 155 fewer music stores.  Today the retailer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  According to the Associated Press:

MTV Website Trying To Find People To View Music Videos

Mtv_music The original go to place for music videos has launched a new web site aime

Theories On Why iTunes Hasn’t Gone DRM Free

Applelogo Months after Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and a dozens other download stores have gone 100% DRM free, A

iTunes Killing The Album? Or Is It White Noise?

 From the Billboard to The Wall Street Journal, the debate rages on. Has iTunes killed the album? Would Kid Rock have sold more or less if he’d gone on iTunes. (LESS) Was Atlantic smart to pull the Estelle single off iTunes just as it was climbing the chart?

Amazon & iTunes Downloads Coming To YouTube

Youtube Move over MySpace music.

Nokia ‘Comes With Music’ Is Very Restricted

 Music Ally blogger Stuart Dredge pointed me toward the Terms & Condit

Internet Radio Is Saved By Congress

There is new hope for Pandora and other webcasters, but any deal is far from done.

Another Label Rejects MySpace Music

Koch Records has joined Merlin and A2IM in rejecting the deal offered independent labels by MySpace Music.

MySpace Music to Face Antitrust Suits?
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Myspace_3MySpace music is now scheduled to launch this week, but an antitrust lawsuit may be in the making as indie labels in the EU a

Thoughts On Napster & Best Buy

4 Thoughts On Best Buy & Napster

  •   Napster was worth even less than I thought. Given the $67 million in cash that Napster has on hand, the purchase for $121 million by Best Buy puts the valuation at just $54 million.

The Latest on MySpace Music

- Myspace Silicon Alley Insider says the MySp

Apple Wrong to Require Single Track Sales on iTunes?

iTunes vs. Kid Rock and The Music Industry

The Wall Street Journal took a look at why some artists are keeping their music off iTunes. Because the store does not allow full album only downloads, Kid Rock, AC/DC and others have opted out. Some acts like Radiohead did it to protect the artistic integrity of their work while others are clear that their motivation is money. Single tracks don’t net the same profits that albums do.

Napster Is Losing Subscribers

Napster The latest financial report from Napster showed only slightly wider losses of 4.4 m

Yahoo Music Is Shutting Its Doors

There had to be a better way. It’s no surprise that Yahoo! Music is shutting down its download store and pointing customers to Rhapsody.  But did they have to pull a Microsoft and stop supporting the retrieval of license keys or authorize playback on additional computers? Here’s the email that came last night:

Wii Music Is Shown At E3

Wii Nintendo is finally jumping into the music with a Rock Band and Guitar Hero competitor called Wii M

Legal P2P Might Be Coming To The UK

 The UK may have legal music via P2P licensed at the broadband ISP level by the end of the year, according to the Register. The British government apparently pushed for talks between ISP’s and the music industry as a preferred solution to legislation.

MySpace Falls To Facebook In Worldwide Traffic

For the first time, Facebook surpassed MySpace in traffic worldwide. In the US, however, MySpace is still ahead of Facebook with 73.7M unique visitors in May vs. 35.6M for Facebook. TechCrunch has more analysis.

Statistics For Online Video Viewing

134 million people in the us went online to watch an astounding average of 81 videos for a total of 11 billion videos in April, the latest figures released by comScore.

Guitar Hero III Mobile Sets Milestone

Hands-On Mobile says that Guitar Hero III Mobile has hit 1 million downloads including monthly subscriptions becoming one of the fastest selling games in mobile gaming history.

More than 250,000 songs are played daily by mobile subscribers across the U.S. Interestingly the most played  are re-cords of "Slow Ride", "Mississippi Queen", and "Black Magic Woman". (more)

SpiralFrog Starts Its Own Club

 SpiralFrog has launched SpiralFrogClub.com as well as started its first North American marketing campaign.