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Forget the Traditions: Optimize Your Flash

The Optimizing Flash Content session at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose gathered a design-heavy crowd, but also included marketers, industry newcomers, and those interested in SEO. I figured the session would be a basic how-to for Flash designers interested in getting their sites ranked. It turned out to be much more.

How Yahoo! Plans to Tackle Google

In the first part of our interview, Yahoo’s Director of IT, Product Management and Search, Ken Norton, alluded to Yahoo’s upcoming personalized search. Despite skepticism and uncertainty over this new area, Ken and his co-worker Grace Chan, Yahoo’s Product Manager, seem very confident in Yahoo’s ability to succeed in personalization.

Exclusive Yahoo Interview pt.1

Chris and I just spent an hour talking with Yahoo’s Ken Norton and Grace Chan in a private meeting room in Yahoo’s little purple booth, here at the Search Engine Strategies Conference. This is news to me, but I learned at this conference that Yahoo’s official color is purple. In fact, Ken and Grace revealed a little known fact that the only reason the Yahoo! Logo is red is because they couldn’t find a shade of purple that looked right. Yahoo’s new branding strategy includes a deep purple background with the Yahoo! logo clearly contrasting in strong white letters. The company has also been sending promotions people from San Francisco to this conference wearing huge purple jumpsuits – which, I’ve heard, are uncomfortably warm.

WebProNews Exclusive: CNET Reveals Customizable Metasearch

WebProNews has exclusive information on CNET’s metasearch engine. I caught up with CNET’s Jason Fischel, Vice President of Partnerships & Promotions, and Sarah Winterhalder, Director of Public Relations, at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose this afternoon. The revamp of Search.com doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow but Sarah and Jason have agreed to let me give you a sneak peek.

Is Personalized Search the Future?

Personalized search is viewed as one of the directions search may head in the future, as Search Engine Watch’s Danny Sullivan pointed out at the Search Engine Strategies San Jose conference.

Yahoo Talks Personalized Search

During the Personalizing Search session at today’s Search Engine Strategies San Jose, Yahoo’s Jan Pedersen got personal. Personalized search, that is.

Reporting Live From Search Engine Strategies Conference

If you’ve been keeping up with this thread in the WebProWorld forums, you should be well aware that Mike McDonald, Chris Richardson and I are currently in San Jose, California.

WebTrends Partners with WordTracker for WebPosition Gold 3

Web analytics company WebTrends has launched WebPosition Gold 3.0, the first new release of the product in over two years. Version 3.0 integrates WordTracker and WebTrends to help manage all aspects of the search engine optimization process by using one product. “It brings together the leaders in search engine marketing and web analytics to be really the first player that can truly provide marketers with a full online story for their combined paid organic activity,” Coleen Carey, Director of Product Marketing, WebTrends, told WebProNews on Friday.

Danny Sullivan Speaks on SEMPO Controversy

Last year’s SES San Jose marked the launch of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, commonly known as SEMPO. Now, with the one-year anniversary rapidly approaching and the 2004 San Jose conference just days away, critics are stirring up controversy. In a recent article, Michael Grehan dared to criticize the organization. “Who needs SEMPO?” the Smart Interactive CEO asks.

Google, Yahoo Accused of Irresponsible Chinese Censorship
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In what Brett Tabke calls “the China Syndrome” Google and Yahoo! are being accused of censorship. French-based international press freedom group Reporters sans Frontires (RSF), also known as Reporters without Borders, claims both search engines gave into the Chinese government’s demands of controlling search results.

Hello.com Comes with Googles Picasa

There has been much discussion of Picasa, Google’s recently acquired digital image program. However, relatively few people are aware that another program comes quietly bundled with Picasa: Hello, a free peer-to-peer network run by the Pasadena-based company.


Confucious say: “When in hole, stop digging.” – WebProWorld moderator CBP.

Since publishing my Traffic-Power article just two weeks ago, I’ve received numerous emails and phone calls from grateful WebProNews readers. I’ve heard from former customers claiming they were duped, potential customers who are now reconsidering, and even a few concerned WebProWorld members wondering what Traffic-Power has to say for itself.

See what others are saying about Traffic-Power at WebProWorld.

Gmail Vulnerability Reported

A vulnerability in Google’s Gmail may give remote users access to Gmail user information. The culprit is the Gmail CheckAvailability script. Remote users can apply the ‘/accounts/CheckAvailability’ script repeatedly until the system returns another user’s information.

Gmail Allows Address Book Imports

You may have noticed some changes at Google over the weekend. Besides promoting its newly-acquired digital photo software Picasa on its index page, Google began offering new features to Gmail users. Google now allows users to import their address books from competing services such as Hotmail, AOL Mail and Yahoo! Mail.

How Search Has Evolved:

Part II of ‘Back In The Day’

In the early part of the 1990s, people were just beginning to learn about the World Wide Web and what it could offer. I remember hearing excited news reporters announce that through the Internet people in America could connect in real time with those from Australia, Asia, or Europe. A wealth of information would be at our fingertips and the entire world would virtually be our backyard.

Unveiling the Mask of Click Fraud

Click fraud is nothing new. In fact, it’s been exaggerating click-through rates as long as the Internet has been popular – and is one of the biggest threats to paid listings. As search engine advertising fees increase, so do online marketers’ worries about this type of fraud.

Mobile Search Slow to Catch On

“Mobile Internet searching is still out of the loop,” Chris Oakes of the International Herald Tribune reported Monday.

Back in the Day: Old School Search

Before we can determine where we’re going we must know where we began. Instead of exploring the entire complex history of search, let’s glimpse into the past of today’s most popular search engines and try to guess what the future may hold.

The Internet: One Big Marketing Channel

Whether you’re a designer or a marketer, understanding user behavior should be a top priority. That was what compelled me to write my article exploring some recent studies on search engine user behavior patterns. And, with questions now flowing through my mind, I picked up the phone and called Gord Hotchkiss, President and CEO of Enquiro, one of the companies that have been studying search behavior.

Yahoo Buys Oddpost for Upcoming Products

Email application Oddpost is “delighted” to no longer be accepting new accounts, the company announced, as of July 9th. Why? Because Oddpost has been acquired by popular web portal Yahoo.

Traffic-Power: High Rankings or SEO Nightmare?

“Something wicked this way comes”

Traffic-Power, a search engine placement program, provides customers with keywords, meta tags, advertising pages, directory submission, link building strategies, online tracking and free customer support with the promise of higher search engine placement. Recent customer complaints, however, hint that Traffic-Power is nothing more than an SEO dark carnival.

Microsoft Brings Search Experience to Encarta Customers

Microsoft launched a new version of its Encarta encyclopedia information software this week that includes a new search bar – which has been perceived as a step towards Microsoft’s anticipated competition with Google, Yahoo! and other popular search engines.

Understanding Searchers: Will They Find You?

“Search is the hottest topic in marketing. Period,” states the website for the upcoming Search Engine Strategies conference, which will feature sessions dealing more with search strategies.

Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing a growing trend of e-Business professionals seeking to understand the behavior patterns of web users. “It’s important for marketers to understand where in the buying funnel their customers are most likely to use a search engine to help in their purchase,” Enquiro President and CEO Gord Hotchkiss said in “Inside the Mind of the Searcher.”

Why Can’t Google Read My Mind? A Look at Personalized Search
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Several top search engines, including Google and Yahoo, are competing to make personalized search a reality. How long will it be before search engines are able to “understand” – and, more importantly, how will personalized search affect your business?