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I'm a SEO & business consultant in the UK, specialising in SME's and start-ups.

I run internetbusiness.co.uk as a free resource for small business trying to get the best out of being online and offer internet management services from my main company, Britecorp.

In my spare time I'm an aspiring science fiction and fantasy writer, and currently live with my family in the Highlands of Scotland.

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Google Adsense Warns On Comment Spam
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I was surprised this week to receive a notification from Google Adsense, claiming my account was in policy violation.

There was no personalised address, just “Hello,” which made me immediately think it was spam.

However, it was sent to an email address I only use for managing Adsense, and the email specifically referenced the URL of one of my websites (which uses a completely different email address).

Expect Yahoo Shares to Rise on Microsoft Deal

I’m gutted.

Last Autumn it was obvious that Yahoo stock was seriously undervalued by comparison to Google, Amazon, and other major internet companies.

However, not only did I not have an investment portfolio, but the promise of the stock markets tanking made it a bad time to set up a portfolio in the first place.

Once the storm was over, I planned to then start some form of investment portfolio, probably tied to a SIPP for retirement within my business, and focus about 50% in YHOO stock.

Drupal: The Next King of CMS?

Earlier this month I mentioned on the Platinax forums that I was keeping an eye out on Drupal as a potential CMS for the future.

This week Aaron Wall put his weight behind predicting that in 2-3 years time Drupal will be the CMS of choice.

MSN Search Fights Duplicate Content

Live Search – aka MSN Search – has been showing some of the most aggressive duplicate content filtering I’ve ever seen across any search engine of late.

I first noticed it with a client who is performing well on Google, but has dropped down significantly on MSN.

The main problem is that he’s in a market that relies on affiliate content – and it’s the same content all of the affiliates are using.


Search Frequency Is Meaningless

One of the big misconceptions I see on business forums is the idea:

“That the number of documents returned on a keyword search on Google, has a direct correlation with the competitiveness of the keyword.”

Once you see people posting examples of their “SEO successes” by use of this measurement, you can easily see that search frequency has little to do with competition – after all, it does exactly what it says on the tin – and simply returns a number based on frequency of the keyword appearing in documents.

Fake EUR Paypal Phishing Emails

Just received a string of clever phishing scam emails through different email addresses I operate.

I know they are phishing attempts because:

1. They do not address myself in a personal sense, ie, by name
2. They are being sent to addresses I do not use for Paypal transactions

However, they are quite convincing because even in the junkmail folder, these emails appear to have standard HREF links to the Paypal.com website.

Recent Changes on Google

For those who read this with an interest in SEO, I’ve noticed a few interesting changes on Google over the past week.

Firstly, Google seems to have tweaked the algo so that keyword domains have lost a little of their dominance. So just because “blue-widgets.com” is an established, if poorly built and promoted site, it no longer seems to have automatic rights to rank No.1 on searches for “blue widgets”.

Window of Opportunity Closing for Paid Posts
I’ve tested out the ReviewMe service previously, but after they opened their campaign marketplace I’ve been tempted to try them again and run a few campaigns – especially after Shoemoney’s recommendation and decent quality of some of the paid for reviews.

Portalising the Web
I’m increasingly finding myself portalising websites.

Sure, I have lots of online communities – but by themselves they are looking increasingly weak.

So now I’m looking to develop those communities into portals – that means building around the community element to provide news, article, and blog services.

By doing so, I see portalisation adding increasing value to visitors – and making more effort to keep them there.

Conversion Improvement Resources
While looking for information on PPC management, I’ve found an interesting number of resources about improving conversions.

While many of these are focused on the PPC market, the organic SEO’s like myself ignore these at our peril.

Aged Domains vs. Branding New Domains
One of the big mistakes I’ve made recently is to take some older domains and try to launch new content on them for news portals.

Even though the domains are like 3+ years old, they haven’t had much of a search history on Google. The result is that they are effectively being treated the same as new domains.

Site Inventory for Future Use
One of the great things about having clients is that they provide a financial platform you can use to reinvest in different areas.

That means building and promoting sites in your target vertical – but also reinvesting some of the cash into building and promoting sites into other verticals you may want to get involved with at a later date.

Delisted from SEOmoz
Rand previously had my company Britecorp on his list of recommended SEO’s.

After emailing him last year, I also became a contributor to the SEOblog.

However, just checked in today and not only am I removed from the recommended SEOs, I’m also no longer able to contribute to the SEOmoz blog – just YOUmoz.

Site Revenue Generation Options
Today I got to thinking a lot more seriously about revenue generation options for monetising websites.

Although I’ve pretty much doubled my Adsense earnings over the past month, it’s still not a huge amount.

And today it really hit me how meagre the revenues are relative to other earning options.

Link Equity & Content Value
Link Equity

SEO’s used to talk a lot about preserving PageRank – I used to think of PageRank as like water, and building a good site archtecture was about funneling this into the right sections of the site in the right manner.

Someone’s Using My Brands!

I just tried to sign up with Google Talk in order to chat with Aaron Wall via IM.

A username is required, so my first attempt was for iBrian. Sorry, not available.

Okay, no big deal. It was popular enough to see the .com registered.

So I tried platinax. Sorry, not available. Huh? Platinax is my own unique company name. How can it not be available?

Google News Publishing Guide

If you

Have a Business Plan for Your Sites

The First Age of The Internet is fast coming to a close, and with that comes the removal of early opportunities and low-hanging fruit.

That means if you have a serious plan for a website, you need to push on getting it out now, and fast.

If you have a website without a business plan, you need to push on getting one drawn up now, and fast.

I’ve been at this conclusion for a while, but the issue of urgency is speeding up.

The Bane of Competitive Webmasters – Complacency

It’s really annoying to suddenly remember I have a few domains of 2-3 years of age, that I actually set up links for – but never had any real content on.

Reason being: complacency.

I bought the domains for an early client, with the aim of setting up a small network for link benefits for them.

However, early success meant the domains went undeveloped.

Has Blogger Been Hit by an Autogenerating Account Bot?

Over the past few days I’ve been receiving a wave of blog spam from SEO lab – all of it to blogspot accounts – and all built around hyphenated money keywords ending in a seemingly random 2 or 3 alphanumeric characters.

For example:


Link Buying and Link Development

I’ve recently been on a particularly aggressive link buying spree.

Although as a SEO I know buying links means buying some degree of placement on search engines, and Google is the main target.

However, I’m buying for informational sites – communities and blogs – with no real revenue streams.

So instead of trying to link bomb for money keywords, I’m trying to hit longtail search traffic, which may bring in much more targeted traffic – traffic either more likely to join a community or subscribe to a blog feed, or else click out via paid ads.

How I Increased Adsense Earnings by 50%
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I’m not a huge Adsense earner, but at the beginning of this month I decided to more aggressively try to increase my revenues.

I’ve now seen a 50+% increase in my Adsense earnings since I began.

What does that mean in real terms? It means my earnings would now comfortably pay off the monthly mortgage repayments on a detached 4-bedroom house in the UK.

Why On-Page SEO is in Demand

To many SEO’s, having a search-engine friendly website is a concern from the start.