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Brian Thibault is an internet marketing guru specializing in E-commerce, SEO, and usability. He is originally from Columbus, Ohio, and enjoys his work, ice hockey, and exercise. Brian's blog can be found at http://www.convertup.com
Advertising on Content Networks

As long as I’ve been pay-per-clicking I’ve never been able to turn a profit advertising on Google Adwords content network. My search ads have a great ROI, and the content ads produce triple the revenue of the search ads but the expense is more than the revenue. I’m pretty sure this is the result of “push advertising” concept that is the Google content network. The network brings in tire kickers rather than buyers.

Sensational Titles: So 2006

Well now that people on the social media sites are starting to catch on / have caught on to link baiting, I’ve noticed it’s much harder to make the likes of the digg or reddit front pages. One to two months ago this was a much easier task. I’m not exactly sure if there has been one incident or algorithm change that caused the increased difficulty of making digg’s front page, but I do know that the window on link baiting is quickly closing.

Usability & Domain Names

One of the things I like about usability is that it touches upon literally every aspect of a web business–it’s as much a
school of thought as it is a discipline. There are many little offshoots of that fact–tiny parts of your business which are partly

NCAA Tournament Coverage – Poor Usability

Why is it so difficult for me to get coverage of the college basketball tournament while I’m at work?

After navigating the mess at cbs.sportsline.com to try to watch the games over the live internet feed, (they make it almost impossible to find the link for to watch the games live.) I’ve come to find out that the video for whatever reason doesn’t even work on my Linux box, not to mention crashed my browser several times. I’ve also heard a friend say he can’t get the video working on Firefox either for Windows. He had to use Internet Explorer. HELLO? I wasn’t even aware people still used Internet Explorer.

Usability Makeover – Twiddy

With just a shade under 50 submissions for the first round of the Usability Makeover Series, I had a hard time with the selection process. I ended up selecting Twiddy Outer Banks Rentals because I could tell they had already put a lot of effort into establishing user trust and usability. I think with a few tweaks the site could go from medium usable to extremely usable.

Two Copies of Pages Indexed in Google

I did a `site:www.convertup.com` in Google only to find that 2 copies of all my pages were being indexed. One without a trailing slash which was going into Google

Why Your Vlog or Podcast Might Fail

I don’t want to sound like an old, crotchety, cynical, email-will-never-overtake-fax-machine dinosaur but I don’t think podcasts or video blogs are all they’re cracked up to be.

I’m the first to admit that I may be way off the mark here, because this is a somewhat counter-intuitive argument. The newer media of internet videos and podcasts seem like the next logical evolution of the written word, but think again. For the near future at least text-based information still has distinct advantages over video and voice.

Banned from AdSense

Apparently Google thinks I’ve been clicking my own ads. They not only banned the account in question but also banned a second one in my name that actually belongs to a company I work for.

Andy Hagans Talks Accessibility

Andy Hagans, of Andy Hagans Link Building fame and his relatively new SEO blog, Tropical SEO sat down with me to talk accessibility.

The Secret Linkbait Weapon You Never Knew About…

Making multi-part posts or articles is a fancy little trick for linkbaiting I bet you

11 Quick and Dirty Ways to Increase Conversions
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Increasing conversion rate can be a daunting task that requires a delicate touch and some expertise, not to mention some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to fail at it – just remember to keep trying until you succeed.

Start a Website Master Log

One of the simplest things a webmaster, who is running a web metrics package to track site statistics, can do to boost micro-conversions (clicked links, clicked ads, etc.) and macro-conversions (sales) is to start a master log of changes.

Google Reader’s Search Function: Where is it?

Now that I subscribe to over 100 blogs with Google Reader, I skim posts making a mental note to come back later and read the whole thing.