About Brian Konradt

Brian Konradt is a freelance writer and founder of FreelanceWriting.com (http://www.freelancewriting.com), a free web site to help writers master the business and creative sides of freelance writing; he is also founder of BookCatcher.com (http://www.bookcatcher.com), a free website to help authors promote their books.
How to Create a Multi-Functional Newsletter to Promote Your Freelance Business and Secure More Work

A marketing strategy is worthless if all it does is promote your freelance business and plea to prospects to hire you. Such is the case with many print and e-mail business newsletters. Few freelancers understand how to use a business newsletter to secure clients in the long term. Instead they use their newsletters to pitch their freelance services and advertise their qualifications. This method does not work effectively. It’s why freelancers don’t bother publishing a second issue – because prospects tossed out or deleted their first issue.

Client Services: If You Get Frustrated, Make It Profitable!

Some clients are just plain difficult to work with. It’s not your fault, but it becomes your problem. Have you met the “client from hell” yet? No? One day you will. He pushes for unreasonable deadlines, communicates poorly as to what needs to be done, and vents his anger and frustration out on you if a job isn’t up to his standards. (“Rewrites” or “redos” do not exist with this type of client – he expects perfect completion on the first shot.)

4 Softly-Whispered Secrets to Write A Solution-Savvy Sales Letter to Turn Prospective Clients into Paying Clients

Too many sales letters are shaped into paper airplanes and flown into trash cans because freelancers write sales letters that sell their services. These freelancers have never listened to the quietly- whispered secret that says their sales letters should sell solutions, not services, to yield the best results.

How to Multiply Your Freelance (Writing) Work

You can turn your $200 fee to write a press release into $2,000 to carry out an entire PR campaign simply by convincing clients to invest in campaigns, instead of individual assignments. Campaigns achieve better results and cost less in the long-term for clients, compared to individual assignments. And, of course, as the freelancer, you get paid much more for turning out a succession of assignments that assimilate a successful campaign.