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Brett Derricott is the founder and CEO of Agency Fusion, a web development company with a sweet content management system.

Brett blogs about technology at Agency Byte.
FCC Approves iPhone
While the iPhone hasn’t been dominating the Web lately, Apple has been moving forward with getting everything in place to launch the product.

According to AppleInsider, The FCC granted approval today for the device. Full article here.

Keeping Clients Within Project Boundaries

I suspect most of you have experienced “scope creep” before. Scope creep begins at the moment when your client asks for something outside of the scope of work for which you’ve contracted (you do have a contract, right?). Naturally, they’re asking for this thing to be included at no extra cost. Actually, they’re probably not asking. They’re probably acting like it’s always been understood that this thing will be included. Duh.

After the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association

OK, I’m finally back in Salt Lake and able to take a few minutes to post about my recent trip to Milwaukee to present to the Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA).

I am thoroughly impressed with the hospitality I was shown in Milwaukee. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. I appreciate that very much. I intend to return to Milwaukee and see more of this great city.

More Attention for Web Standards

Seems like web standards and accessibility are continuing to attract attention. Here are a few recent articles I’ve stumbled upon relating to web standards.

Madison AdFed Presentation and Resources

Well, I just finished delivering a presentation for the Madison, Wisconsin Advertising Federation.

Why Apple’s New iPhone Promotes Better Markup

I have to say I’m completely in love with the Apple iPhone Steve Jobs just announced.

SEO and Sitemaps

If you follow search engine news you know that the major search engines are fighting tooth and nail for market share.

Web Development Offshoring Challenges

I had a conversation with a client in which he told me about his frustrations trying to get quality web development done overseas.

Things Designers Should Know About IT People

Sometimes I think designers and programmers couldn’t be more opposite. At Agency Fusion our success depends on bringing these two worlds together but it sometimes feels like we’re trying to mix oil and water.

Why You Should Care About Web Standards

You may have heard a lot lately about “Web standards.” I think it’s a good thing that web standards are getting more attention.