About Brandon White

Full of wit and humor, Brandon White is an entrepreneur and former editor and writer for iEntry, Inc.
Making Your Startup Dollars Count

When I started my small business with another partner, we worked very hard to make our business succeed. Just like each of you have done or are doing currently.

When we started, our major struggle wasn’t getting the money to begin but it was allocating the money in an effective manner. In the beginning, there is a huge pot of money that can easily be spent and it seems everyone has an opinion on where to put it.

I am going to share with you the advice that I received four years ago that has made our business a success. You can take it or leave it. I am just letting you know what has worked for this young business.

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

One trillion dollars. Say that with your hand facing palm-out and only your pinky extended to touch your mouth. The reason that I am requesting you do this is because it almost seems like an amount of money that doesn’t exist and this makes it comical. However, this amount of money does exist and it is spent every year by the Federal Government on fulfilling government contracts.

Online Surveys To Know How Your Customers Are Feeling

We have been here before. Sales are dipping and business as a whole is slowing down without any warning or any visible reason. What could be causing this situation? We do everything right and follow proven tactics to keep business moving. What else can be done? The only way to find out what is going on is to ask those that are responsible for business slowing up, your customers.

Successful Dot-Com Offers Strategies for Success

(ARA) – Lost amidst billions of dollars in squandered venture capital funding and endless reports from network anchors about the macabre state of e-commerce lies a seemingly overlooked fact: Not all of today’s dot-coms use red ink in the accounting ledger.

Recognizing Small Business Opportunity

I was in a large city in the midwest on vacation with friends and I stumbled upon what would later change my life. As many of you may have done, I got my idea for my small business walking past and going inside another business. While inside, I noticed how many women were in awe by what the store offered and practical applications showed these women how they could have the same thing. I browsed around with my then girlfriend (now wife) and looked at prices and noticed that the everything was so cheap. My initial question was, “How could this store be making any profit?” Then I got to the checkout line and noticed some of the totals! We were in a scrapbook store and I thought that paper could never turn such a profit. That cash register changed my mind.

The Joy of Targeting Teenagers

Teenagers are the generation that marketing execs would and do spend millions a year to try to understand. Every product directed towards the teen crowd goes through hundreds of changes and focus groups to determine whether or not that particular ad will work. This generation has so many variations to it that to say that you are going to target “all teens” is virtually impossible. We must focus on a common factor that most teens share and can be drawn upon to create attachment to our product.