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Long Haired Freaky People Need Not Apply

One of my favorite songs is by a group known as the Five Man Electrical Band called “Signs”. One verse goes something like this:

Conversation With A Typical Network Marketer


From First Sign-Up To Director In Nine Days

I should really begin this article by explaining my state of mind and the state of mind of my husband, prior to joining (COMPANY).

Drop Cards & How to Use Them

Drop cards are very similar to business cards. They are the same size and , made of the same material. The major difference is that while a business card will usually present a good deal of information, a drop card is used for a single purpose… to solicit a response through curiosity.

Writing A Sales Letter

My experience has been that one of the skills most people lack is letter writing. I am not one to complain, as my writing abilities are quite questionable. However, I can give you some very simple, yet very important tips for writing a sales letter.

Straight Talk

Network marketing is not easy. If it was, we would all be billionaires. Network marketing, like all businesses, requires hard work, dedication, and an investment of time and money.

When Silver Birds Die

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a great flock of silver birds which soared proudly through the heavens. Piloting these great silver birds were men in freshly pressed blue uniforms who lived in fine stately homes, owned nice cars, and enjoyed the finest things in life.

What Color Are Your Marbles?

We all know that network marketing is a numbers game. But I really don’t feel too many of us truly understand the numbers. The purpose of this article is to try to put things into perspective.

Monitoring & Tracking

Monitoring and tracking are two aspects of business that most people tend to ignore. However, they are two of the most important aspects of business.

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Very often you wish you could change the way things are without becoming a politician. One of the disadvantages of becoming a politician is that you become a target for the news media. Perfection is expected of politicians. However, as a private citizen, you are given much more leeway by the press. Here are a number of ways you, as a private citizen, can influence local politics.

24/7 Promotion With Voice Mail

Have you ever thought of something and felt like a fool for not having thought of it earlier? If so, then you know what I felt like one day not so far in the past.