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The Search for the Secret to Success

If you are interested in becoming a network marketing success, please read this article very carefully. This article could change your life.

A Dozen Things Home Buyers Should Do… But Most Don’t

1. Ride the Neighborhood in the Early Evening: By doing this you will see the people who live in the area and how they live. You will see the condition of the cars, and if any conditions exist (loitering, loud music, etc…) which you may find objectionable. Do this more than once, and be sure to include Friday and Saturday nights.


am often asked “What is the secret to MLM success?”. In this article, I will give you that elusive answer. You might be surprised.

Reach Out and Beat Someone To Death

One of the biggest problems I see with on-line marketers right now is that most people never talk to anyone. They sign up for all of these great tools to produce leads, and expect the tools to close the deal for them.

How To Publish Your Own Newsletter
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I get a lot of requests for information on how to set up and operate a newsletter. This article is intended to help those of you who are interested in running your own newsletter get it started.

The Ultimate Sales Organization

If you want a great sales organization to emulate, you only have to look as far as your local church. Consider these points:

Do I Have to Approach Friends and Family?

Do I have to approach friends and family? This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions with home based businesses. Most opportunities will give you the 100% true answer. No. You do not have to approach friends and family.

Is your first impression HELLO?

We only get one chance to make a first impression. This is very important when soliciting new distributors. We need to have potential distributors perceive us as the professionals in our industry.

How To Get Around The No-Call List

Under federal law, each state must now maintain a “no-call list.” The no-call list is a list of consumers who do not wish to receive unsolicited telephone solicitations. The fines for calling consumers who are on these lists are upwards of $1,000 per occurrence. I don’t think any of us want to pay these fines.


Recently I was asked “We have been running a lot of straight and to the point ads and getting very little results. What is the fine line between getting quality prospects and not quantity?”

Effective Face-to-Face Marketing Tips

The first thing you need to do when marketing face to face is prepare. You need to have your information and your sign-up materials ready to go before you ever step into the meeting. If someone shows an interest in a product or service, or if someone is ready to sign up, you need to have what you need with you so you can handle right then and there. Be prepared to strike while the iron is hot.

Talk Is Not Always Cheap

Recently a member of our organization (let’s call him Bob) had a hot prospect. Bob had spoken to this prospect several times. And, Bob and my partner, Brande, met for over an hour in a private chat room explaining the products and the opportunity. The prospect was ready to go and was going to sign up the next day.


Too often, I find myself working on useless things. Things that are “way cool” or “really neat,” but do not have a significant impact on my network marketing business. I tend to forget that my ultimate goal is to achieve income. So, every now and again I have to sit back, mentally slap myself, and say “wake up!”. Success in this business is really very simple. Sure, there are a lot of tricks and techniques that can increase your production, but the basics are elementary. They are:

At The Sound of the Tone

“At the sound of the tone, please leave your message” is the greeting we often hear when making prospecting phone calls. Often, we will just hang up and call back later, only to receive the same greeting. Let’s face it, some people simply refuse to answer their phones.


Is your spouse a serial murderer? Do they kill time and time again, and take joy in it? Do they revel in death and despair? Do they like to kill slowly, and drool over their victim’s desperation? Or, do they kill quickly and savor the power of dealing deadly blows with speed and great precision?

Doorway Pages & Marketing

Doorway pages, just as the name implies, are web pages designed specifically to lead you somewhere else. Lets say you are a member of the “Grandma’s Glorious Grits & Roadkill” Recipes affiliate program, and they furnish you an affiliate web site. There are a couple of problems with this.

Safe List Marketing

If you want to pick up a few prospects, and don’t mind getting tons and tons, and even more tons, of junk mail, Safe Lists might be a good way for you to go.

How Many Presentations Did You Make Today?

How Many Presentations Did You Make Today? If you are like most network marketers, your answer will be zero. This is not a good way to build your business.

Local Prospecting For Network Marketers

Do you feel you have beat all the bushes in your area and there are just no more prospects to be found? Consider these sources:

Dog Jumping Fleas

WOOF! WOOF! Is my opportunity the one you will jump on this week and claim is the best in the world? Will you irritate me and suck my blood until your belly is full or a better looking dog comes along? When you leave, will you talk about how bad of a dog I am, and try to take my other fleas with you?

Is Today The Day?

As America today has taken the steps needed to protect our freedom and what we believe in, are you ready to take the steps needed to build a productive and successful business?

Writing A Great Subject Line


Is the above your subject line? If it is, you planned it very poorly.

Write Articles For Free Advertising

One of the easiest ways to get free massive advertising is to write articles to be submitted to newsletter content announce services. All you have to do is pick a subject that you know something about, write up an article, put a soft advertisement in your resource box, and send it out.

No Clickee – No Payee

Marketing on pay-per-click search engines can be a little scary. You pay your hard earned money in advance. You submit your listing. Then, you pray that some of the people who click on your listing will actually buy something from you. There is little more disappointing than to watch you funds dwindle as the curious click away without spending a dime.