About Bobby Heard

Bobby Heard is the Vice-President of Abalone Designs (www.abalone.ca), which offers Search Engine Optimization at affordable prices.
Building A New Website In PHP

New website owners and existing website owners alike consistently make a very common, yet extremely costly mistake.

Is Ontology the Next Big Factor in Google’s Algorithm?

When the ax comes down at Google, there are always big winners and big losers. Recently, we’ve seen the first big algorithm change of the year and many web site owners and their respective sites have fallen, much like the proverbial tree.

The Changing Face of Search Engine Optimization

With the ever evolving internet market for just about anything you can imagine and Google’s index growing to almost 9 billion pages, and counting, there is little dispute amongst search engine optimizers that our job is getting much harder.

5 Things to Keep an Eye on in the SEO World in 2005

After the latest PR update at Google and MSN’s beta search going live, there is one thing for certain in 2005: the world of search is in for some major changes.