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Gateway Pages Versus Great Content

Gateway pages are called by many names. Bridge, doorway, entry, and portal pages, to name a few. Their purpose is to trick search engine spiders into believing the page is highly relevant for a given keyword, and thus warrants a high position on the list offered to the searcher. At best such pages suggest a lack of ethics. At worst, they will bite you badly in two ways.

Email: Do It Right!

Judging from what I receive, lots of people have not thought much about email. Yet dealing with it effectively is vitally important to the success of your business. This may be the most overlooked and under-valued aspect of doing business on the Web. Here is what is needed.

Great Content And Fish

Most have become convinced the basic ingredient of a great site is practical and useful content that potential visitors are looking for. (Those not yet convinced, will not succeed until they embrace and implement this fundamental.)

Edit Your EBook Else Trash It

If you want folks to read what you write, it must be edited. If you don’t wish to do so, you may as well trash it. Readers will do it for you, if you don’t.

Fear Can Destroy Your Business

Fear is funny stuff. On the one hand, it keeps us from climbing too high in the tree. And from walking too close to the edge of the cliff. When fear cautions of such things, it pays to listen attentively.

Expand Your Business To The Web?

If you have a successful off-line business, but no web site to support it, you have probably considered building one. Others may even be chiding you because you haven’t done so. Despite what you may have heard or others tell you, there is only one valid reason for building a web site and that is to increase profits. To create a site simply to have one, to be able to add name.com to the bottom of your stationery and business cards has a grand potential for disaster.

Give Away Gross For Increased Profits

Suppose you produce a super widget that sells for $50.00. If Charlie comes along and says, “Hey, I can sell the heck out of these. How’s $20 bucks a sale sound? Wanna deal?”

Get The Basics Right

If you want to open a new business offline, here’s the secret to success. First pick the business you want, find who is top dog, then open up right across the street from them.

Does Your Site Tell The Truth?

Good copywriters are among the best paid people in the work force. Most webmasters are not in this group. Yet we need to sell. Should we emulate good copywriters? That is, should we do what they do to the best of our ability?

Ezines: Creating Potential Customers

If you are not publishing an ezine, start one yesterday. Here’s why.

Define a Niche, Then Conquer

Looking for a quality baseball cap? Hey, it’s easy. Check out the material and workmanship. Grab a color you like, and maybe a team logo. You don’t even have to try it on! Thanks to the little strap in the back, one size fits all. A marketer’s dream.

Do Your Pages Download Fast?

You can answer this question yourself. It is easy to do, and we will get to it. First, let’s be clear about what fast means.

Do Numbers Help?

Demographics about the Web abound. You may find such data helpful. In general, when I look at the research available, I get a feeling it’s incomplete. The Web is so vast, I don’t think it’s possible to find a small representative sample from which significant results can be obtained that reflect the whole. In the end, what is reported with numbers may not matter at all to you, even though the source is impeccable.

Do You Matter To Your Subscribers

Think back to the last really great novel or mystery yarn you read. Back to one that really impressed you. One that so grabbed your attention, you are looking forward to the next book by the same author. If you don’t read much, think of a film that jolted you.

Does Search Engine Traffic Matter?

The short answer is, “Sure.” And it likely always will. But the amount of free traffic search engines now deliver to many small online businesses doesn’t amount to much. And what there is of it continues to decline in importance. Pay-for-submission models are rapidly eliminating free options.

Does Your Email Look Like Junk?

A large portion of the email I receive is junk. But I have to be sure before deleting. I can usually figure this from the preview screen (Eudora), but sometimes I have to open it to be certain.

Do You Publish An Ezine?

You should. It’s a grand way to stay in touch with potential customers, and to keep your name out there in a positive way. Readers will remember you when they need what you offer. And best of all, they will share your name with a friend with a similar need.

Customer Personality Types: Does It Matter?

Marketing types are fond of classifying people into categories. Here are four which I took from “Differentiate Or Die,” by Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin. (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2000, p15.) Only the first few words of each are included here.

Copywriting: A Great Place To Start

If you’re new to website building or just getting started, one question may haunt you. With so many different things to be learned, where is the best place to start?

I always suggest copywriting as a great way to begin. At this point, your eyebrows may be raised. But take a closer look.

The Crazy EBook Craze

The Web is awash in ebooks. Is this a passing thing? Or will interest sustain? Maybe even grow?

My sense is that people will continue to be interested in ebooks, and that this interest will grow. However, I expect the demand for better quality content and presentation to increase substantially.

Criticism Is Gold

Suppose you received the following message from a reader of your newsletter. How would you handle it?

Content Really Is King

Here’s a news flash for you: Content is king! You have heard this so often, you may tend to overlook the meaning of this simple statement.

Choose Your Merchant Account With Care

Choosing the right merchant account may be one of the most difficult business decisions you make. There are hundreds to choose from. And they are scrambling for your money as aggressively as do the credit card services for your personal dollars. As in most high pressure advertising, there are lots of downright lies.

Boring Is Best

In sorting accumulated bookmarks recently, I found I could not recall why I had saved some of them. After clicking on a few, I was struck by the fact that so many sites looked so much alike. Boringly alike.