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How To Use A “Hot Market” to Build Your Business

Do you remember all the anxiety about Y2K in 1999? It created a “hot market”. A lot of businesses jumped into that hot market. Many of them failed when the Y2K problem evaporated. But a few used the unique opportunity it provided to build permanent, profitable businesses.

3 Benefits Customers Want

Every customer looks for 3 special benefits when they do business with you. They may not specifically ask for these benefits. But you’re losing sales if you don’t automatically provide all 3.

Who Are You And Why Should I Care?

I recently dialed a wrong telephone number and heard the following recorded message:

“Hi. You’ve reached Mike and Kathy. Who are you and why do we care?”

Dramatize the Emotional Reward to Increase Your Sales

I recently read about a survey conducted among new car owners. The researchers were trying to determine which ads had the greatest impact on the buyer’s decision to buy a certain car. What they discovered surprised them. Most of the new car owners they surveyed didn’t remember any ads influencing their decision to buy the car. But they did remember watching the ads numerous times AFTER buying their car.

Beat Your Competition Without Cutting Your Price

One way to beat your competition is to charge less for a similar product or service. But you can also beat your competition when your price is higher. One of the best ways to avoid price competition is to become a specialist in a narrowly defined targeted market.

How To Create Successful Advertising Copy

Writing effective copy for ads, web pages, sales letters and other marketing communications isn’t difficult when you know what works. After many years of trial and error I developed a checklist of 7 “rules” I follow to create successful advertising copy. These rules apply to writing copy for any type of marketing communication.

3 Ways to Get More Sales When You Advertise

Here are 3 powerful marketing tactics you can use to get more sales the next time you advertise. All 3 work for any business. And you can use them effectively on the Internet or in traditional media.


Below are 3 powerful buying motivators you can use to increase your sales without increasing your expenses. They work for any business and apply to every marketing method including the Internet.


Complaining Customers Are Good

Remember the Coca Cola marketing disaster a few years ago? They tried to switch Coke drinkers to New Coke. It didn’t work. Fortunately, the company quickly recognized the problem and had the resources to recover fast. Their follow up research revealed that only 1 unhappy customer in 50 takes time to complain. The other 49 just quietly switch brands.

7 Questions You Must Answer Before A Customer Will Buy

Customers buy from you because they expect to get something more valuable to them than the money they pay for it. You can assure them of getting that value by answering 7 important questions. Prospective buyers usually don’t ask these questions. They may not even think of them. But they won’t buy from you until all 7 questions are answered in their mind.