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How To Recover Your ‘Almost Customers’

You’ll always need to find new prospects for your business. But don’t overlook the prospects you already attracted. Many are close to buying. Use these four simple procedures to convert those “almost customers” into paying customers.

Grow Your Business In An Economic Slowdown

Bad economic news does not have to be bad news for your small business. Your business can thrive and grow during an economic slowdown. Here are 3 things you can do immediately to overcome the impact of a slowing economy.

Power Phrases Increase Your Sales

Simple power phrases stimulate your customer’s feelings and trigger an emotional decision to buy from you. You can increase your sales by using power phrases in your web pages, sales letters and other marketing messages.

How To Grow Your Business In An Economic Slowdown

Bad economic news does not have to be bad news for your small business. Your business can thrive and grow during an economic slowdown. Here are 3 things you can do immediately to overcome the impact of a slowing economy.

How To Create A Profitable Little Ad

A small ad can generate a greater return on your investment than any other type of advertising. You can also use it in a variety of media.

Neutralize The Unspoken Objections To Increase Your Sales

You can increase your sales by neutralizing the unspoken objections your prospects may have to buying from you …BEFORE you ask them to buy. Neutralizing unspoken objections will increase the sales you get from your web pages, sales letters and personal presentations.

Smart Marketing

Are you attracting a large number of prospective customers at the lowest possible cost …and converting the maximum number of them into paying customers? It’s not very difficult if you follow these 3 simple steps.

4 Ways To Get Your Prospect’s Attention Fast

Can you remember the last dozen advertising messages beamed at you today? Can you remember even one of them? Most people can’t.

Don’t Overlook Your Most Profitable Source of Business

A new business owner called me recently with a question I hear often. She asked, “What can I do to build my business faster? I’m making a small profit but cannot seem to generate enough sales to make the real money in this business.”

“How To Successfully Launch A New Business”

Every week I talk with business owners who tell me how excited they are about their new product, service or business opportunity. Usually, their comments include something like, “Everybody needs it. I know I’m going to make a lot of money with this.”

“Change Is Threatening Your Business”

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4 Highly Effective Selling Tactics

Many businesses overlook these 4 simple but highly effective selling tactics. How many are you using?

Generate Web Site Traffic And Sales Leads With Postcards

Postcards can drive a high volume of traffic to your web site and they can generate a large number of sales leads for you. They’re highly effective, easy to use and cost very little.

Don’t Overlook The Easy Sales

Are you so busy chasing down new customers that you completely overlooked these two prime sources for easy sales?

Complaining Customers Are Good For Business

Remember the Coca Cola marketing disaster a few years ago? They tried to switch Coke drinkers to New Coke. It didn’t work. Fortunately, the company quickly recognized the problem and had the resources to recover fast. Their follow up research revealed that only 1 unhappy customer in 50 takes time to complain. The other 49 just quietly switch brands.

How To Reverse A ‘Slump’ In Business – Fast

Every business experiences cycles of heavy sales volume and light sales volume. Periods of light sales volume are called business “Slumps”.

Are You In Business To Help Customers?

Customers want to believe you are in business to help them. They don’t mind if you make a profit by helping them. But they won’t buy from you if they believe you are only in business to get their money.

Here are 4 ways you can assure customers that you are in business to help them.

Increase Your Sales With A Powerful Offer

Did you ever buy something you didn’t really want because the bonus you received was worth the price you paid? I did it this week.

Low-Cost Marketing With Business Postcards

Modern, low-cost business postcards can drive a high volume of traffic to your web site, generate a flood of new sales leads, or promote any other business activity you want. They are easy to use, cost very little and produce results almost immediately.

Are You Building Your Business By Guessing Or Testing?

A distributor for a network marketing company called me this week for help in promoting her business. Julie places ads in ezines (email newsletters) to generate traffic to the free website provided by her company. She also sends postcards to several targeted mailing lists to generate inquiries and traffic to her website. I asked her what was producing the most profitable results. She answered, “I don’t know.”

How To Create A High-Impact Sales Letter — Fast

A persuasive convincing sales letter is a valuable marketing tool. It’s also versatile. I regularly use the same text successfully in all the following formats:

Don’t Overlook Your Natural Market

Are you overlooking an easy source of highly profitable sales and profits hidden in your existing target market? You are if you don’t capitalize on the powerful advantage of your ‘natural market’.

Increase Sales With Personalized Messages

I paid bills last night. After writing checks on the business account I noticed a little sticky note on the next check reminding me to get more checks printed.


Here are 7 well known, highly effective marketing tactics many small business owners overlook when developing their marketing program. How many have you overlooked?


The best way to beat your competition is to promote a distinct advantage your customers cannot get from a competitor. This is often called your USP (short for Unique Selling Proposition). If you don’t already have a distinct advantage, create one. Add something to your business you’re not already doing. One network marketer I know doubled her sign up ratio by providing free sales leads to her new distributors for their first 4 months.