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A Short-Sighted View of Internet Promotion

I was visiting a bulletin board http://www.webdevboard.com/ earlier this evening when I came across a posting from a very short-sighted webmaster:

Add Value to Your User’s Experiences – Add Profits to Your Bottom Line


As a webmaster, you are likely searching for ways to make more money from your website. The truth is that if you have been online for any amount of time, you have learned that you always need to be on the prowl for new information to help you to be more successful, and you always need to keep one eye open looking for new ways to add more dollars to your bottom line. That is likely why you are reading this article today. You are hoping that I might be able to share some small tidbit or jewel of information that might help take you and your business to the next level. I hope that I will be able to meet your expectations.

The Five Most Powerful Forms of Internet Advertising

Webmasters and Entrepreneurs around the world are beginning to learn first-hand the long-term value of using Promotional Ezine Articles to promote their businesses in the online environment.

Offer More Payment Options than your Competition

In order to be successful online, you must provide your customers many quick and easy ways to pay for your goods and services. It is not enough to ask folks to send a money order or check to your house or place of business. You must go further.

A Checklist Leading to a Successful E-Commerce Website

To succeed in e-commerce, the following eleven steps are those that every business owner should tackle when developing their new online business:

The 2 Minute Paradigm, Convert 400% More of Your Traffic to Sales

It could be because I am from Oklahoma, but many euphemisms come to mind:

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your Laptop Battery

The actual life of a laptop battery will vary with computer usage habits. For most users, it is not uncommon to experience differences in battery life, of anywhere from just under one hour to over two hours in each sitting. If you are experiencing shorter battery life cycles, say 10 to 15 minutes, it may not yet be time to order that new battery.

Starting an Ebay Business An Online Business Model that Works


Millions of people are still coming online each year, and many of those people come to the Internet with dreams of making their financial dreams come true.

What Is the Real Future of Email?

Weekly, I keep an eye to the horizon to assess new developments in the Internet environment. In noting the changes, I sometimes begin to feel overwhelmed by feelings of doom.

The S~P~A~M problem is one such item that leaves me at times in much distress. I fear the trends of the ISP’s in their efforts to get control of the S~P~A~M situation.

Developing a Successful E-Commerce Website

1993 was the year that Netscape developed the first commercial graphical Internet browser. This signaled the creation of the Internet, as we know it today. Within a few years of the release of Mosaic, people began to rush into the Internet space, many of them looking for their instant Internet wealth.

E-Commerce Patent Blackmail – You May Be Next!

To date, the only real impediment to doing business online has been the safety of the consumer’s financial data. In March of 2002, this all changed.

Enter the U.S. Trademark and Patents Office. Over the last few years, the USTPO has shown extreme ignorance of new Internet technologies. The USPTO has approved some of the most ludicrous patents to be presented to them.

In 1997, AltaVista was granted a number of patents on search engine technologies, even though search engine technology had been in use as early as 1989.

Define Yourself to Find Market Share

Sometimes, finding the right product or service to make your own is to find someone else’s version of the same product or service and discovering ways to deliver it in a different way.

Someone once told me that I could not make it in a business because there were already people in that particular business!

The thought struck me as stupid. That is why we have other restaurants right. It was not enough to put a McDonalds in town, we also had to build a Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl’s Junior, Braums, Sonic and several more all of the local variety. All of them offer us hamburgers, so why do we need more than one of them?

Preparation Is Your Key To Success

“The best preparation for tomorrow is the proper use of today.”

In essence, everything in life can be compared to the task of trying to fix your own computer problems.