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Bill Mann writes regularly about mobile technology and is author of "How to Do Everything with Your Tablet PC," McGraw-Hill, 2003. For more information on Tablet PCs and what they can do for you, visit Bill's website at http://tabletpc.techforyou.com.
Overcome Information Overload with Mind Maps

For people who work with information, the problem used to be finding enough of it. If you were analyzing a subject, or writing a report, most of your time was spent finding the information you needed.

Why You Should Replace Paper Notes with a Tablet PC

Tablet PCs are powerful, light-weight, portable computers that combine many of the features of a standard laptop with those of a personal digital assistant like a Palm handheld. While Tablet PCs are often seen as fancy tools for doctors, lawyers, and other high-paid information workers, one of their best uses is a low-tech activity that almost everyone does – taking notes. While at first, it sounds crazy to replace pencil and paper with a comparatively expensive, heavy, fragile, battery-powered Tablet PC, it really isn’t.

Should Your Next PC be a Tablet PC?

The Tablet PCs are finally here. We’ve been hearing about them for years–small, light (some weigh less than 3 pounds) computers that you can write on as if they were a pad of paper or a personal digital assistant. These tiny powerhouses run a version of Windows XP, so you can use them like high-end notebook computers and run all your favorite applications. But you can also use them like virtually endless digital notebooks or sketchbooks, entering information with a special pen in environments where a desktop or notebook computer just won’t cut it. You can even talk to them.