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Bill Hartzer currently is the President of BillHartzer.com, a Strategic Online Marketing Consultancy that includes services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online reputation management. Bill Hartzer formerly managed the Search Engine Marketing division of Vizion Interactive and MarketNet, leading interactive marketing and website design firms in the Dallas, Texas area.
Baidu’s Turning Japanese

Baidu.com, Inc. the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, has formally launched its Japanese language search engine at www.baidu.jp.


Their Japanese language search engine is run by Baidu’s Japanese subsidiary, Baidu, Inc.

Baidu Japanese homepage

ComScore on Search Engine Rankings for December

comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, has released its monthly comScore qSearch analysis of the search marketplace for December 2007.

Among core search engines in December 2007, Google Sites remained the top search property with 5.6 billion core searches conducted, representing a 58.4 percent share of the search market.


December U.S. Core Search Rankings

Secondary Domain name Sales Total GBP37 Million in 2007

According to SEDO, internet domain name sales in the secondary market totaled GBP37 Million.

Sedo, the leading online market place for buying and selling Internet domain names and websites, has launched its annual report on the growth of the secondary Internet domain name market in 2007.


The report, which has tracked the state of the secondary Internet domain market annually since 2004, unveils the latest figures for 2007.

CNN’s New Domain and Other Topics

There is a lot going on this week and it is only Monday, January 21st 2007. I thought I would catch you up on some of the interesting, totally unrelated things, not in any order of importance. I considered covering each of these items today, but

Zuckerberg to Keynote SXSW Interactive Festival

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will keynote the fifteenth annual SXSW Interactive Festival, also known as South by Southwest.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook   Facebook

Search Tool for Colleges Emerges

College Kingdom has launched new search tools for students, or anyone for that matter, to search over seven thousand colleges’, universities’, career schools’, and adult education programs’ websites all at once.

College Kingdom   Google Custom Search

Chase: 29% Holiday Online Retail Growth

Any interesting report is out today from Chase Paymentech, saying that the online holiday retail sales for 2007 grew by a whopping twenty nine percent.

Chase Paymentech

Best Mixx Posts of the Year

Since we are winding down 2007, I thought it would be appropriate to put together what I thought are the top 10 blog posts about Mixx.com that have been written in 2007.


Certainly there have been a lot of interesting blog posts about Mixx, but these are certainly the best ones.

So, without further delay, here are the blog posts that I think are the top 10 blog posts about Mixx for 2007:

Please note that I have not put these in any particular order.

Top Ten Sphinn Posts for the Year

Since we are winding down the year of 2007, I thought it would be appropriate to put together what I thought are the top 10 blog posts about Sphinn that have been written in 2007.

A PubCon Recap

Last week I spoke on two (yes, two) panels (at the same time) at the Pubcon conference held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. I would to thank Brett Tabke and Webmasterworld for putting on yet another great conference.

Online Tool for Reputation Rating

WOT, also known as Web of Trust, has launched the world’s first online tool for reputation rating.

Study Looks at Mistyped Domains & Typosquatters

A new study by a major internet security company is taking aim at typosquatting, the practice of buying a misspelled domain name in the hopes that someone will mistype the name and land on that site.

If someone then clicks on an text ad on the site the domain owner and the parking company will make money.

While the internet security company is trying to point out the problem of typosquatting, a problem that I do not necessarily agree with, they seem to be implying that the domain parking companies are part of the problem.

Meaning Extraction Integrated into Business Search

Northern Light, a company that provides strategic research portals, business research content, and search technology to global enterprises, is breaking new ground by integrating meaning extraction into their business search.

UK’s First Site That Searches Both Google & Yahoo

Searchboth.co.uk is a new site that allows you to search both the Google and Yahoo search engine at the same time.

Build Links While Publishing Your Full RSS Feed

Many bloggers have been touting the benefits of publishing your full blog or site’s full RSS feed. In fact, they have been talking about it for a long time. But did you know that most likely even if you are publishing your full RSS feed you are not taking advantages of its link building benefits?

Social Networking Community Using Facial Recognition

Raxxle.com announced at the Ad:Tech Conference that they’re releasing its new social networking community for beta testing.

Pharmaceutical Consumer Marketers, Online Innovations

Manhattan Research, a healthcare marketing services company, has revealed the latest findings from their Cybercitizen(R) Health v7.0.

StumbleUpon Releases SearchReviews

StumbleUpon has launched SearchReviews, a new feature that allows you to discover interesting content anywhere you search.

Dallas Cowboys Return Cowboys.com Domain Name

Last week I spoke about SEO, Search, and Domain Names at the TRAFFIC domain name conference, held in Hollywood, Florida.

Meet the Lawyers IP Discussion

Do domainers know where to draw the line? “There is no question that the TM laws and how they are applied online are NOT consistent with the decision making for offline enterprise.

Survey: You Must Manage Your Own Online Reputation

Results from a new survey reveals that half of all employers surveyed said that they search online for information about prospective hires at least some of the time.

Collegiate Social Networking Goes to College.com

Since Facebook has virtually abandoned the college crowd and opened up its social network to the public, college students have been left out in the cold.

Claiming Your StumbleUpon Blog through Technorati

Here’s an interesting tip that you probably haven’t thought of yet. In fact, this will increase the number of links to your StumbleUpon blog, and will automatically increase the “link juice” to every page that you add, review, or “Stumble” using the StumbleUpon service.

Funniest PPC Keyword Mistake Revealed

Managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can be difficult at times, especially when there’s a lot of competition for keyword phrases that cost a lot.

Prices for the most coveted keyword phrases are rising and the overall cost of a PPC campaign in a competitive industry can be downright outrageous, with major corporations spending tens thousands of dollars a month on Pay Per click Advertising. Couple the high cost of a PPC campaign with someone doesn’t know how to manage a PPC campaign properly and it’s downright dangerous.