About Bill Dunlap

Bill Dunlap is CEO for Global Reach, specializing in building traffic to multilingual Websites to boost international sales. 408/980-7426 or 888/942-6426 (toll-free) +331/5301-0741 (Europe) Email: bill@global-reach.biz Web: http://global-reach.biz
Using Multilingual Websites

An English-language site is fine for attracting Web visitors from English-speaking countries (only 5.6% of the world’s population), or from the sporadic English-speakers in the other countries. But the need for a second (and third) language on your site comes when it becomes obvious that you are missing out on sales to another country.

Reasons for Success in International E-Commerce

The Power of Illusion
E-commerce is flourishing most impressively in English-speaking countries, but a tremendous market is being missed for marketers outside of these countries, as people there are going online fast, especially in Europe. My intent is to encourage the reader to look outside English-speaking countries for online international sales.