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Color-Coding Your Outlook Calendar

Outlook XP offers a new feature that allows you to color-code appointments and meetings. If you use the Outlook Calendar to track a variety of appointments and meetings, color-coding will allow you to quickly and easily distinguish between the various types.

Using Smart Tags to Link Excel Data in Word

If you want to link Excel worksheet data within a Word document, you can use the Paste Options smart tag button to ensure that formatting changes made to the object in your document are not lost when the object in the source file is updated.

PowerPoints Multiple Masters

PowerPoint 2002 permits you to have multiple slide and/or title masters within a single file. This makes it easy for you to create separate sections within a presentation or to combine presentations that use different masters.

Inserting Multiple Pictures in PowerPoint 2002

PowerPoint 2002 introduces the ability to select multiple pictures and insert them all at once. This can be a real timesaver when you are creating a presentation that is heavy on graphics!

Cell Merge Options in Excel 2002
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The Merge and Center button on the Formatting toolbar is now a toggle that can apply or remove center alignment and merge the selected cells. Excel retains only the upper-leftmost data in the selected range in the resulting merged cell. If there is data in other cells, the data is deleted.

Color-Coding Worksheet Tabs in Excel

You can color code worksheet tabs to make them easier to recognize. Tabs for inactive sheets will have a solid background in the chosen color. The tab for the active sheet is underlined in the chosen color. There are 56 colors to choose from.

Addressing Letters Using Your Outlook Contacts List

You can use your Outlook Contacts list to start writing a letter in Word.

Grouping in Windows Explorer

The XP version of Windows Explorer makes finding files easier than ever by offering a Show in Groups option.

Showing/Hiding White Space in MS Word 2002

Need more real estate on your screen? When using Print Layout view, you can save screen space by hiding the white space (including any header and footer) at the top and bottom of the page.

Windows XP Taskbar Tricks
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If you are like most people, when you want to visit a specific site on the Internet you begin by double-clicking on the Internet Explorer icon. Once Internet Explorer opens and your default homepage loads, you then type the address in the address bar at the top of the window. If you are the impatient type, this can seem like forever.

Using the Excel 2002 Watch Window

Excel’s new Watch Window feature lets you track cell properties including workbook, worksheet, name, cell, value, and formula, even when the cells are out of view.

Words Quick Click and Type

Word’s Click and Type feature (available only in Print Layout and Web views) allows you to quickly insert text, graphics, tables, or other items in most* blank areas of a page simply by positioning the pointer and double clicking. The pointer icon (examples shown below) indicates the alignment format that will be used for the new text.

Using and Customizing the New Office XP Clipboard

The newly extended MS Office XP Clipboard can now contain up to 24 objects – twice as many as in previous versions of Office! Clipboard objects can include any type of data that will fit in the Windows Clipboard, including graphics, text from Word, or charts, forms and data from Excel or Access, to name a few. You can choose to paste all or one of the 24 objects into any MS Office document.