About Beth Brodovsky

Beth Brodovsky is the president and principal of Iris Creative Group, LLC. Brodovsky earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, New York. Before launching her own firm in 1996, she spent eight years as a corporate Art Director and Graphic Designer, providing a sound foundation in management and organizational standards and structure. Iris Creative specializes in providing marketing and strategic communication services to clients in service industries and small businesses. For more information contact Beth at bsb@iriscreative.com or 610-567-2799.
The Keys to a Great Logo

Logo, graphic, icon, logotype, typogram, logoform, imagecall it what you will, a logo by any other name is the group of letters and/or symbols used in a consistent and unique way to identify a company. It is the most prominent and stable element of marketing, and should be planned carefully to fully reflect your brand. Understanding the key aspects of a logo will help in developing a durable, on target identity.

The Big-Pay Off — Brand Value

Many CEOs and marketing directors find their time wasted evaluating marketing opportunities instead of acting on them. When every possibility is followed, a meandering trail of hit and miss effectiveness is the result. Despite significant expenditure of time and money, marketing tactics may not produce the desired gains.

Selecting Good Stock Photography in the Age of Digital

The business of stock photography has drastically changed over the last few years. Ten years ago, selecting photographs for your brochure or newsletter meant spending hours pouring over stock photography catalogs and ordering photo research to find the exact image. When the order came in a giant overnight package, designers would spread transparencies out on the light table, squinting through a magnifying loop to check every detail.

Play it Again Sam

The marketing director for one of my longtime clients used to complain “does it have to be purple again?” What she and many others don’t realize is that the color you are seeing in your sleep, your prospects might just be beginning to recognize, and if done well, associate with you.

Revealing the Roots: The Process of Building Brand

How is branding different than marketing?
Branding is not so much different from marketing as it is an element of marketing. We think of marketing as a tree; the brand is the roots, holding the tree in place and providing constant energy. The leaves are the tactics, reaching in various directions and changing with the seasons, the trunk is the marketing strategy, connecting the brand and the tactics. In this way, brand is positioned as the basis for any marketing initiative.

Understand Brand

Branding has been defined, explained and examined extensively. There are books, articles, publications, seminars, and groups all dedicated to exploring the meaning and use of brand today.

7 Tips to Avoid Font Conflicts

Among the many things that have changed in design, the instant gratification of adding a new font to my system is among my favorites. Gone are the days when type was selected from a book and an order placed with a typesetter. Now, computer users are able, and required, to download, install, and maintain hundreds of fonts. Problems arise when different users – clients, designers, printers, and colleagues – share files. Each user must have the same fonts (and version) to ensure that the file will be displayed and reproduced properly.

The Language of Color

In a world already full of acronyms and codes, who would have thought that something as simple as color could join in the confusion? Knowing the different color models and how they are used is not only helpful in getting the visual results you want it is critical to staying on budget.

Tips for Better Digital Photography

The digital camera has made it easy for anyone to take many of their own photos. It is a great resource for capturing events, and award presentations, new staff, speakers and conferences — great additions to newsletters, web sites and more.