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About Ben Botes

Learn more at http://www.my1stbusiness.com Ben Botes MSc. MBA, is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Coach and academic. He is the founder of My1stBusiness.com, South African Business Hubs, Business support Hubs and incubators for the new breed of South African Entrepreneurs.

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Creating A Vision For Your Business

The basic premises of designing an effective vision are as follows. You must believe there is always a better way.

Small Business Goal Setting

Effective goal setting is a challenging exercise. It requires self- knowledge and courage. Remember, whatever goals you write down you can have, provided you believe it, you are prepared to set it as a goal, and you are prepared to pay the necessary price in advance. Unfortunately, you always have to pay the price for success in advance.

Intro To Project Management for Entrepreneurs

One of the greatest benefits of projects in an organisational context is their ability and effectiveness in the achievement of goals.

Small Business Outsourcing: An Introduction

Outsourcing is the delegation of a business process to an external service provider. The service provider will then be responsible for the day-to-day running and maintenance of the delegated process.

Small Business Marketing: Raising Your Business Profile

Whenever you communicate a message you are inevitably felling a story about your business. The media has an insatiable demand for stories; without them they would have very little to write about.

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