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Barry Welford, President of SMM Internet Marketing Consultants works with business owners and senior management on Internet Marketing strategy and action plans to grow their companies. He is a moderator at the Cre8asite Forums and writes on Business and the Internet in four blogs, Senior Money Memos, BPWrap, StayGoLinks and The Other Bloke's Blog.
Cell Phone Advertising is Taking the Leap

The next major competitive arena for advertisers is clearly cell phones and they seem to be leaping into the fray with enthusiasm.

Is Google Going to Start Listening to Its Customers?

As Karen Wickre of the Google Blog team says it’s been quite A year in Google blogging.

Is Google Going to Start Marketing?

Marketing often gets a bad rap. It sometimes is described as ways of manipulating customers so that they buy products they don’t really need.

Time is Critical

Time is critical. A very familiar sentence but here used with two very special meanings. In this newsletter, we will discuss three issues, which are raised by this sentence:

Your Website May Reveal More Than You Really Want Customers To See

What do customers or potential customers think about your company. Do they ever see your company facilities? Have they received some of your company literature? Or is it based on meeting you or one of your representatives personally?

With Only ONE Website, Is Your Company Really Customer-centric?

A website is now a necessary proof of credibility for any company. It must be visible so that potential customers can find it on the Internet. When they find it, it should easily provide the information they need to confirm the company as a potential supplier.

How Responsible Sales People Beat The E-mail Flood – The Hermes Protocol and H-mail

The Internet has changed the whole nature of markets. The purchaser is now in the driving seat. He or she can get a mass of information on available products without revealing who they are to potential sellers. This changed world has been described in previous newsletters. In theory, it all sounds fine. In practice, it’s not turning out that way.

Maximize Selling Efficiency By Minimizing $PACE ($ Per Active Customer Established)

Contact ALL the market niche customers once – Play the percentages. Do it in such a way they will want to talk to you.

If Your Website Isn’t Your Best Sales Representative, Fire It And Get A Better One.

To many of your potential customers, your website will provide the most concrete representation they have of your company. Very few will come to your front door. Others may see one of your ads in the Yellow Pages or may have heard from a colleague that your company may be a suitable supplier. Following this, they may call your switchboard, and from that may get some impression of your company. For whatever reason, the potential customer wants to hear more. How will your company handle such valuable opportunities?

Website SEO Is Really Only Sub-optimization
· 5

More and more people acknowledge that the world has changed and their business must have a website. Unfortunately many who have done so are now disillusioned. Perhaps a website is necessary but it doesn’t seem to do much for business. In this Newsletter, we will explore how to correct this situation. The answer is not just one of the current hot topics, such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, website promotion or even Internet marketing. What is needed is much more fundamental.

Make Your Website Four Times More Selling Effective

You may have found this title somewhat surprising. Why precisely four times? Well of course it isn’t true. In your case it may be ten times. Or it may be less. What is absolutely certain is the following. If you are not already applying the practices set out in this Newsletter, then the selling effectiveness of your website can be increased by a significant multiple.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Your Website Must Be Your Top Business Priority

Sometimes ignorance is bliss: or it seems like it. Unfortunately some of what we don’t know may harm us. In a market place things may be happening that we really should react to. In setting priorities, we may instinctively go with our intuition. However, we may not have realized that the world has changed. This is particularly the case with the effect of the Internet on business operations. A changing world demands a different order of priorities.

Your Best Potential Customer Is Looking For You Now On The Internet

Increasingly, purchasers are using the Internet to search for suppliers. You may be unaware of the total number of people who are doing this in your market sector. Many of them may be ending up with the competition. You may be concerned that fewer people seem to be out looking for your products. Your competition may be quietly laughing all the way to the bank, as they find the market is wide open to them.